Are you planning a destination wedding in Tuscany? Create amazing memories for your wedding with Emiliano Russo, the best Tuscany wedding photographer. Have you dreamed of getting married in Italy? Have you ever imagined your romantic wedding ceremony in the countryside, possibly in Tuscany or in unexplored and rustic regions? If yes, then you definitely want to make the big event of your life memorable by capturing memories of that day.

Your Tuscany wedding photographer for your marriage

Recording an occasion is essential as your wedding ceremony in all its fearless magnificence, we can say, is as important as the event itself. As Tuscany Wedding Photographer, we come up with the best experienced professionists. Given the present inclination for candid and offbeat photography, we help you by understanding your expectations.

Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo

It’s time to freeze the moment of your wedding.

A photograph is, in fact, light frozen in time. Hence, it is barely astonishing that you want the finest wedding photographers in order to save those timeless memories. Our consistent top and finest wedding photography Italy experience to all our valued clients makes us an ideal option to treasure the fairy-tale moments of your D-Day. With our elegant portraits and sincere story-telling capabilities, we try to create a wonderful heirloom that would be cherished for generations. Why not capturing happiest memories of your wedding with us? Photography and weddings always go hand in hand. We completely understand that you wish to capture every moment of your special day in a creative way.


Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo

Don’t worry about our expertise because we are fiercely passionate about what we do. And it is also our responsibility to keep in mind that your gladdest memories are properly documented by our most passionate, most dedicates, and most skilled professionals.

The eye of a wedding photographer in Tuscany

We are calm and quiet, introspective and sensitive, discreet, searching for details– oftentimes unnoticed by others – and the small gestures and moments, which would capture the exclusiveness of your stories and your day. Let us capture your wedding moments. There is a difference between taking pictures and creating a visual, artistic narrative of the most vital day of your life. We believe the difference lies in defying resolutions and breaking some guidelines for creating true art.

Thanks to our engagement photographer, destination wedding photographer, and wedding photographer services, we would make your experience truly memorable. As distinctive photographer we love framing atmospheres in every wedding.

Best Tuscany weddingphotographer Italy - Do you like what you see?

Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo

Emiliano Russo

Why is a Tuscany Wedding a special experience? First of all, because Tuscany has a lot to offer: beach, hills, sea, mountains, fabulous cities, culture, ancient atmosphere, delicious food, elegance. When I have been hired to be a Wedding Photographer Tuscany, I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate all the special features of a Tuscan-Style Wedding.

Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo

if you like my pictures then we surely have something in common, something deep in yourself that I can see.

Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo


Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

Italian have no rivals, when it comes to elegant settings and great hospitality. In Tuscany there is a special great combination between genuine and super tasty food and stunning venues. Tuscany is well renowned in fact for its delicious extra virgin olive oil. And the Tuscan cuisine is plenty of traditional recipes, done all with local outsourced ingredients. This is the key of an elopement in Tuscanyalong with the atmosphere and the unbelievable attention to the details.

Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

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Tuscany Italy Wedding: you and your guest will be amazed by the attention to the details

Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

Wedding photographer

Are you dreaming about a Wedding ceremony in a seventeenth century villa? Are you looking for a country and casual wedding atmosphere without renouncing to style and elegance? Or maybe do you fancy vaulted ceilings, frescoed walls, and a private garden? All these solutions are possible, when you organize a Tuscany Wedding. In Tuscany, a castle, a baroque Villa, an Antica Fattoria, can become the perfect setting for your Big Day. A paradise for a Destination Wedding Photographer! And you can choose among fabulous places, such as FiesoleChianti, LuccaSiena, Monte Argentario and many more. Let your imagination run wild: in Tuscany reality exceeds the imagination! And you, your family and guests will remember a Tuscany Italy Wedding for entire life.

Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

Different solutions for different tastes: a Tuscany Italy wedding

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Wedding photography Tuscany Italy

WEDDINGs IN lake como

WEDDINGs IN florence

WEDDINGs IN umbria

Amazingness in Lake Como is huge! Yet I think it is not suitable for every season. A destination wedding on lake Como should be carefully planned

Florence is the capital of culture in Italy. Museums and people are everywhere and you should plan the timing before choosing where to get merry

Different from Tuscany and amazing like the other destination wedding Italy. In Umbria you will find a specific feeling that you will never find somewhere else in Italy

Start dreaming a wedding in Tuscany

Why is Destination Wedding Tuscany so cool? Because Tuscany has a lot to offer for all needs and tastes: beach, hill, mountain, country side, ancient cities full of culture and historic buildings. Imagine having a field of sunflowers or vines as backdrop for your Wedding pictures then ask your Wedding Photographer! Imagine an elegant ceremony in a Villa overlooking Florence or a beach ceremony in enchanting places, like Baratti or Venturina in the South of Tuscany.

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Destination Wedding Tuscany a wedding for every taste


A destination wedding Tuscany is something, which makes people dream with eyes wide open and that it’s memorable for every kind of couple.

Tuscany has a variety of landscapes that will amaze you. Italy is so beautiful, that it is the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures and it’s plenty of amazing venues for your wedding ceremony and reception. It’s not easy to choose the region of Italy, where your Big Day will take place, because each part of the country has its own magic. However, there are no doubts, that Tuscany is one of the most desired wedding destinations.

As a Destination Wedding Photographer Italy, I always get many requests of couples interested in the wonderful Tuscany. There are some places in Tuscany, that with the time have become iconic for people coming from abroad. For example, one of these places is Chianti.

Not all people want to plan their Wedding in a place packed with tourists and many couples want to choose instead some hidden corners. This is also possible in Tuscany, although it is a famous Wedding Destination.

Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Lake Como wedding photographer - emiliano russo

Dream bold: Destination Wedding Tuscany

Places like CortonaBargaMonteriggioni are nice gems, quieter and far from the hustle and bustle of the other cities of Tuscany. If for your Destination Wedding Tuscany,you like simplicity, beautiful landscapes, nature and genuine food, these small villages are the ideal solution for you.


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Lake Como wedding photographer - emiliano russo


Lake Como wedding photographer - emiliano russo