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Your question is too general. Please try to be more specific and provide a list of all the services you require. For example, different prints and covers may affect the price, as well as the content of the video, the inclusion of another shooter, etc. Providing more detailed information either in writing or during a phone call will enable us to provide a more accurate quote. Additionally, please remember to include the date to check availability 🙂

In our packages, travel and stay expenses are included in the cost because we regularly travel throughout Italy to shoot weddings. Although we are based in the Amalfi Coast, we do not inflate prices for travel because we are constantly moving throughout Italy. Therefore, no matter where in Italy you choose to have your wedding, our costs remain the same.

Please note that VAT is included in our prices. However, our prices are listed in Euros, not in dollars, and any currency conversion fees and taxes from their originating bank are the responsibility of the clients.

It’s important to note that a date cannot be reserved until a formal contract is signed with our photography studio. This policy is in place due to continuous inquiries, as multiple couples might request the same date during the same period.

Our photography studio operates as a cohesive team with a shared vision and methodology. Consequently, we can all ensure the same reliability and style consistency, even in post-production. However, in most cases, I personally handle the photography with a second shooter, even in assignments involving only two individuals. This approach ensures a backup in case of unforeseen circumstances and, importantly, guarantees a dual perspective, blending wide-angle shots with close-ups using two different lenses.

The minimum quantity of digital files is guaranteed by contract and may vary with respect to the type of wedding. I usually deliver from a minimum of 400 files to a maximum of 1000. All of the files are colour-graded and edited by our Studio.

The turnaround time for delivering the files depends on the chosen package and can range from one month to four months, as contractually guaranteed along with the specified number of delivered photos. If the couple wishes to expedite the process, there is an additional cost that must be agreed upon accordingly.

In the majority of our packages, two photographers are included. However, if a third photographer is needed, typically for weddings with over 100 guests, it is advisable to book the third photographer within our packages.

Bonaria Castle wedding in Maremma Tuscany
Elopement in Rome

Within our photography studio, we also offer videography services. However, clients are free to choose third-party videographers, provided they are approved by our studio. We maintain this policy because we do not wish to work with professionals whom we do not consider suitable and with whom we would have to share space at the wedding. These conditions are set to ensure a high-quality service without risks.

Within our studio, we have a drone operator. However, in most tourist destinations, drone usage is prohibited by law, and many hotels restrict flights due to privacy concerns, especially when other guests are present. Private villas typically have fewer restrictions on drone flights. However, in all public areas and squares where people gather, local laws prohibit drone usage.

The printed album is one of the services offered by our studio and is 100% made in Italy, ensuring the highest quality printing and cover finishing. It is shipped internationally to our clients via courier. However, due to manufacturing reasons, there are longer delivery times.

Our studio collaborates with the finest wedding planners in Italy. To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, we prefer to work with planners who are sensitive to the basic needs of photography. These planners can create a schedule that considers factors such as lighting and the hours of our service that the client has chosen to have with us. Therefore, when a client contacts us, it is important for them to clarify if they have already engaged a planner and who this planner is. Recently, our studio has established a company specifically for wedding planning, where we have selected the best professional figures in the industry. We will encourage our clients to contact ‘Bliss The Wedding”.

We are delighted to recommend venues and other vendors to our clients. However, we do not provide booking services on their behalf, as it involves another profession. Unless the client specifically requests us to handle the planning as well, we will defer to our company, ‘Bliss The Wedding,’ which exclusively specializes in wedding planning.


Emiliano Russo contact form
Emiliano Russo contact form