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Are you looking for a wedding videograher in Italy who will be able to complete the storytelling of your wedding day in a luxury italian venue?  Choosing a talented videographer in Italy is not always immediate and easy.

My Studio works with the best viodegrapher in Italy only. We have very strict rules to select and include videographers in our team.

Couples need to watch several video at least before taking a decision. It can be time consuming starting indipendently a booking process with a wedding photographer in Italy and a videographer at the same time. This is the reason why most clients prefer hiring the photographer first, and then ask for a specific package that includes photo and video for many hours.

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How choosing a wedding videographer in Italy

  • Need to be talented and  creative with at least a five years experience.
  • Music lovers: this is absolutely necessary when the edited video will be finalized.
  • Videos must be in line with the studio style in terms of photography composition, colour grading, emotional results.
  • Need to be friendly, puntual and versatile at the same time.
  • Updated with tools and gears as well as the creative process in itself.
  • We love giving the feeling of fable in our stories and we want to henance the magic of places we know in every corner

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    Wedding videographer Italy

    As a team of wedding videographer in Italy and fully part of the team of Emiliano Russo studio we share the same sense of aesthetic. We truly are in love with our job and we believe that the video can add much more to the photography in terms of storytelling in any wedding. Although we are conscious to have a dinstictive and specific style we are flexible and we work in empathy with our clients. As human being we refuse to tell a story under the same storyboard. If we do that, it would mean that all human being are the same and all weddings are a repetition of a same event.

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    The way we tell your Wedding story with videographer in Italy

    This is the reason why before working on any destination wedding in Italy  that could be an Amalfi Coast wedding or Rome, Venice, anywhere we always ask who are our clients. Some couples what to enhance their beauty and don’t care that much about the rest, some other are more fucused on the emotional side of their event. Some couples love having a good record of their wedding party, specially when there are many guests and good music; other couples are more intimate and shy.

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    How a videographer in Italy can create a timeless story

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    Well, we do not have any preference on the personality of our clients. If everywbody was the same we would have never been professional videographer in Italy probably. This work shoudn’t be a borning chain of repeated actions under a cold script. Our job should be challenging and and exciting all the time and in any place and circumstances.

    A videographer in Italy always talks with the photographer in the shooting phase, during the wedding and they grab inspirations each other. It’s not just a “stealing activity”, yet it’s like helping each other and it can be effcient only when they work in the same team from a long time. There is always a need for coordination in team work and the Emiliano Russo studio is famous for keeping only the right people inside the team.  This article of onestorywedding explains very well the reason why it’s important hiring a videographer and a photographer from the same studio.

    Once a wedding videographer in Italy have recorded the files, then in the same way of a photographer there is a culling process after the backup.

    As professionists we always double backup the files, but the most important part of our work is the selection of the files accordingly to the kind of story that we are going to create and unfold.

    Music is a key factor. It is strongly suggested making the videographer chose the music to include in the video, as he knows better then others the “wedding rhythm

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