Florence is a very popular destination, that many celebrities choose for their Wedding. Therefore, it is fundamental to book everything in Florence at least one year in advance, if not earlier. For a Wedding in Florence Italy it’s necessary to have all documents in order, such as the Certificate of no Impediment and a statutory declaration, which must be signed in front of a solicitor or public notary.

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Florence is one of the most romantic places in the world. As a Wedding Photographer Florence, I love to suggest couples amazing places in this city. A Wedding Photographer like me is always delighted to suggest couples, who are planning their Big Day in Florence. Therefore, I love to share with you the list of my favourite places in this amazing city.

Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

You can choose between a civil or religious ceremony. The civil ceremonies can take place for example in Palazzo Vecchioright in the amazing centre of the city. If you prefer instead a religious ceremony, Florence is plenty of gorgeous and lovely venues: romantic, elegant, luxurious. Did you know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hired a venue for their Wedding in Florence Italy, that has costed around 245000 Pounds?! Amazing! But you will surely find something more affordable and not less beautiful. If you are planning a wedding in Italy, Florence has to be your choice. As a Wedding Photographer Florence, I’m never tired of Florence. In Florence, couples find all they desire to celebrate their Wedding in style: luxury, glamour, romance, elegance.


Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

Here some spots, which are not only incredibly romantic, but that are also great for Wedding photoshoot: Giardini di Boboli: it is the largest garden of Florence and part of the Pitti Palace.

It’s difficult to describe this place with words, because it’s not only a garden. It’s like an outdoor museum, with fountains, statues, sculptures, native flowers and plants.

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Walking through Giardini di Boboli is fascinating and the backdrop in your wedding photos will be stunning.

Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte Vecchio: a Wedding Photographer Florence is very lucky, when he can capture with his camera the lights reflecting on the water from these two very famous bridges of Florence.

I love to go there with couples during the low season, when it is less crowded or at the sunrise, when the light is gorgeous and it’s possible to enjoy a quiet and timeless atmosphere.

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Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

Campanile di Giotto: I always suggest to make a part of the photo shoot in the centre of Florence and on the Campanile di Giotto. The view from the top of the bell tower is magnificent and from there you can admire the Duomo too. Piazzale MichelangeloIt’s impossible to leave Florence, without having some romantic pictures in Piazzale Michelangelo. In fact, the Belvedere islocated on the top of a hill overlooking Florence. And you will have amazing pictures, with on the backdrop some of the most important buildings of Florence, such as Palazzo della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio. Florence: a paradise on earth for a Destination Wedding Photographer!

Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

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Wedding in Florence Italy: things to know

Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

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Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy

Florence is a place, where I have fantastic memories, both personal and professional ones. A Destination Wedding Photographer is very lucky, because has the opportunity to travel and see many different regions and meet a lot of people with different origins. it’s a great way to better know our incredible Italian culture! Florence has a special place in my heart, because it is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Culture and history are everywhere, and many corners of Florence are the perfect background for a Wedding Photographer Tuscany.

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As a Destination Wedding Photographer, I have had the opportunity to meet many amazing couples coming from abroad, with the big dream to celebrate their Big Day in Italy, in Florence. With my long experience with Weddings in Tuscany and in Florence, I love to share my knowledge with my clients. There are important things to know before setting up a Wedding in Florence Italy.

Florence, for many people, is directly linked to Dante and Beatrice and their immortal love story. I often suggest couples to make a shoot at the Chiesa di Dante. The church dates back to 1032 and it seems that Dante met there Beatrice for the first time. But it’s not at all the only romantic place for a shoot. As Florence Wedding Photographer I love crossing the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and to take pictures of the lovers in the narrow streets of the Oltrarno.

Many problemen of the ancient Florence have fallen in love in the area of Ponte Vecchio, or for example nearby the Santa Croce Basilica. When couples, who have planned their Big Day in Florence, contact me, I’m delighted, as Florence Wedding Photographer to offer my support in giving suggestions about the best venues in Florence.

Florence means not only beauty, breath-taking view from Piazzale Michelangelo and romantic corners, but also luxury hotels, elegant boutique hotels and glamorous Wedding locations.

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Weddings in Florence are distinctive: the setting, the music, the food are purely exceptional and extraordinary! And I must admit it, Florence is not only a true gem for the lovers and the newlyweds, but also for the Professionals like me, who have the great pleasure to take part to a real dream. Florence can be very crowded with tourists, student groups and visitors coming from all around the world. This is to be taken in consideration, not only when hiring a venue, but also when deciding, with your wedding photographer Tuscany, the spots, where to make the photoshoot.

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Florence Wedding Photographer: love is in the air!

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As Wedding Photographer.  I prefer for example to arrange the photoshoot early in the morning, when it comes to very popular places, such Piazzale MichelangeloPiazza della Signoria or Ponte Vecchi.o

Remember that Florence is like a big outdoor museum. For your Wedding pictures you don’t need anything else: Florence is a stunning backdrop and setting!


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Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy


Wedding photographer Florence - Emiliano Russo - Destination wedding photographer Italy