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Ask your Apulia Wedding Photographer to guide you through Puglia. The country, the beaches, the artistic cities are the ideal setting for every couple.

Apulia wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo - destination wedding photographer Italy
Apulia wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo - destination wedding photographer Italy
Apulia wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo - destination wedding photographer Italy
apulia wedding photographer

In case you are searching for an wedding photographer in Apulia , then it is a pleasure to see you here. I am Apulia destination wedding photographer and I love traveling around the globe and explore new people and new places.

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Discover Another Face of Italy with an Apulia wedding photographer

experience italy beyond the tourism

This lets me take a challenge to make it better all the time. I’d like to photograph wedding ceremonies across the globe, including Apulia.

I’m Emiliano Russo a wedding photographer Apulia; however, happy and ready to travel anywhere so that it will be possible for me to tell your stories and capture your emotions. As an Apulia destination wedding photographer,

Apulia wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo - destination wedding photographer Italy

I always prefer working on visual stories instead of individual images, focusing on in-between beautiful moments and connections. I love to use a friendly, as well as a relaxed approach, alongside a creative, minimal, and modern touch. My photos come from my skill and experience.

If you have any doubts about my photography skills, then make sure you check my picture galleries.

Ask your Apulia Wedding Photographer to guide you through Puglia. The country, the beaches, the artistic cities are the ideal setting for every couple. Profoundly in love with the notion of mysteries within history, the magic within folktales, and love, which persists for generations, my innate capability of capturing the sentiment within a moment is exceptional.

Moved by my own interests in fine arts, music, film, and nature, I, Emiliano Russo specialize in portraiture and wedding photography. My wedding pictures tell the stories, not just about the wedding itself but about the friends and families involved as well, in a series of photographs, which propose time has stopped long enough for the bride to take the picture and would recommence at any moment.

Apulia wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo - destination wedding photographer Italy

Be able to create a perfect program with a perfect timing.

Polignano a Mare elopement wedding puglia
Polignano a Mare elopement wedding puglia
Polignano a Mare elopement wedding puglia
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relais blu elopement sorrento

What stimulates me as Apulia wedding photographer

Listen wisely and you can always hear people laughing, music playing, and glasses clinking.

For dedicated photography sessions, I focus mainly on dreamy mood portraits, creating expressive and stunning, soulful pictures that reveal the natural charm of my subjects and induce great emotion in the viewers.

Creative and unique, spontaneous and emotional, pictures taken by Emiliano Russo ensure that your special moments, day or portrait offers a classic and timeless visual testament of your family history to be treasured and cherished not just by you but also, by your kids, your kids’ kids and all….

Polignano a Mare elopement wedding puglia
Emiliano Russo | Italian wedding photographer Apulia Wedding Photographer

How I work as Apulia Wedding Photographer

Ask your Wedding Photographer to guide you through Puglia. The country, the beaches, the artistic cities are the ideal setting for every couple.

wedding in masseria apulia
wedding in masseria apulia

For couples coming from all around the world, it has become quite usual to plan the Big Day in Italy.

wedding in masseria apulia

Then, dreaming of a magic Wedding in Puglia, in the South of Italy, has become quite popular as well. If you live abroad, you may think, that it’s not easy to organize your wedding in Apulia

But by contacting a Puglia Wedding Photographer, you will have the great chance to enjoy Puglia, instead of struggling with the hassles of the Wedding organization.

Why is Puglia a fabulous place, where to tie the knot? Here just some of the reasons: genuine local and delicious food, such great olive oil, splendid Masserias, deep blue sea, medieval architecture in beautiful cities like Lecce, natural scenery, perfect backdrop for amazing wedding pictures

Inspiration is the key for weddings in Puglia

wedding in masseria apulia
wedding in masseria apulia

An Italian Wedding Photographer loves the wedding breakfasts and wedding parties in the cobbled courtyards, the Aperitivos Alfresco in the olive groves, the Wedding ceremonies in ancient Masserias, where rural and elegance intertwine successfully.

wedding in masseria apulia

Puglia is not a huge region, but it’s plenty of places, which are very different from each other. In fact, in the country side the couples will have plenty of choices among the Masserias, the Agriturismi and other beautiful rural accommodations and venues. At the same time, Puglia is very near to the coastline of the famous Mediterranean Sea. This wonderful combination between country, deep blue sea and cities full of art makes Puglia the perfect setting for every couple and every Wedding.

A Wedding in Italy with Your Best Photographer in Apulia


Apulia is synonym of ancient towns, of sandy beaches, of beautiful churches, of Trulli and Masseria. Couples strive to be photographed, because of its incredible landscapes and its timeless atmosphere.

wedding in masseria apulia

Wedding Photographer is used to be in touch with the beauty, with amazing cities and with breath-taking landscapes. In Apulia all these elements intertwine with folklore, old traditions, homegrown food, historic commemorations and religious events. As a Photographer, I love to include all these elements in my clients Wedding pictures.

This gives a real touch and mixes personal stories with the story of the places and its inhabitants. I often propose to the couples, who come to Gargano, to pose in front of Trabucchi.

These constructions made of Aleppo pine, are like a small pier with an architectural structure and its origin is very fascinating.

These old fishing machines are protected by the Gargano National Park and represent the historical evidence of the human genius inspired by the Mediterranean Sea.

wedding in masseria apulia

A Wedding in a Masseria in Puglia with your photographer

A Masseria is the traditional Apulian farmhouse. Many of these houses have been restored and transformed into impressive luxurious star hotels. For a Wedding Photographer Apulia and for couples, a Wedding in a Masseria is a one of a kind experience. Imagine an Aperitivo Alfresco or a wedding cocktail surrounded by centuries-old olive trees.

amalfi coast wedding venues - emiliano russo

Some of these properties date back to the 16th century and their atmosphere is simply magic. Most of them have gorgeous swimming pools and wonderful Mediterranean gardens. There is nothing more romantic than this: it’s a like a fairy tale, where all your dreams become reality.

As a Destination Wedding Photographer, I have been honoured to capture with my camera many beautiful Weddings in several different places. All have been gorgeous. But Apulia is one of the Italian regions, which has a special place in my heart.



Useful Information for a Successful Wedding in Puglia

Puglia (Apulia), the southern region forming the heel of Italy’s ‘boot’ is becoming another great and renowned wedding destination in Italy. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel organized their Wedding in Puglia in Borgo Egnazia, near Brindisi. In fact, Apulia has a lot to offer romantic and historical sights, the amazing Masserias and the incredible Trulli, delicious food and wine, both countryside and beautiful beaches.

relais blu elopement sorrento

If you live abroad, your concern, related to a Wedding in Italy, could be its price. The Southern of Italy and Apulia especially are renowned to be cheaper, than other regions of Italy. Obviously, if you go for a wedding in Puglia in a luxurious hotel, villa or restaurant, you have to consider a higher budget.

Borgo Sant'Andrea elopement

Enjoy the private villas and the rooftop of Sorrento with the colourful and pictoresque historical town and amazing sky at the sunsent. We are ready for your wedding in Sorrento.

amalfi wedding photographer

Check out our page dedicated to weddings in Ravello as I often work as photographer. Chose your package and get in contact with my customer service. We will save your time.

beach elopement in positano

Maybe you love more the spectacular view on the cosy climbed houses of Positano at the sunset. Disclose the options that we have for weddings in Positano with our help desk.

The advantages here, is that there are many small villages, which have not been reached by tourists and by the massive wedding industry and where it’s possible to set up a beautiful ceremony and wedding reception, without spending a fortune. Other things you probably don’t know about Apulia:The area of the Trulli houses are an UNESCO heritage siteThe Trulli were built to avoid taxes…because, as unfinished houses, they cannot be taxedVieste and Mattinata are enchanting and very romantic places not to be missed for an incredible Wedding in PugliaIn the heart of Vieste there are wonderful locations to celebrate the Big Day in style, with even a private beach.Mattinata is also known as the white butterfly because the shape of this region looks like a butterfly.

Ask your Puglia Wedding Photographer to guide you through Puglia. The country, the beaches, the artistic cities are the ideal setting for every couple.




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