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Emiliano Russo si an Amalfi Coast wedding photographer and well known as Ravello wedding photographer as well as Positano.



Unicity for Ravello wedding photographer

Just pick who is closer to your taste and personality. I am a destination wedding photographer. I don’t like define myself as a pure photojournalist. Not only a storyteller…More about “feelings”. I love caturing feelings without discolosing everything. I am actually a “feeling” wedding photographer. And my attutudes don’t change also when I work as photographer in Capri, Tuscany, Rome or Venice.

My approach in Amalfi is a bit different and it’s in between the fine art portraits with a slice yet meaningful component of photojournalism. So as wedding photographer in Positano, photographer in Ravello Ravello, Amalfi Coast, I’m focused on capturing the beauty in Amalfi Coast with brides and groom at the main spot.

What mostly move my inspiration is the athmosphere in every wedding. I can say it change in every circumstances and it is often connected to people who are fully part of the contest: from wedding planners to musicians, and also celebrants, details, flowers. Yet overall what makes the unicity of a wedding are defimitely bride and groom with their personality.

positano wedding photographer

Positano wedding photography, Ravello and Amalfi Coast

Visit the portfolio gallery and the real weddings! 

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Amalfi wedding – Ravello wedding – Positano wedding

ravello wedding photographer - form villa cimbrone wedding

Positano wedding photographer – Make it real!

First of all you’re going to experience a place, an important and authentical slice of Country, with its owm culture. Amalfi wedding, Positano wedding and Ravello weddings are always fantastic. As Amalfi wedding photographer I can tell that all the surrounding areas are amazing.

If you’re planning to get marry in Amalfi Coast your journey won’t be so easy to describe, as there is so much variety in such a small place that you’ll be amazed every minute…Just the time to turn your view on the other side and then magic will happen in front of your eye. A Positano or Ravello wedding photographer will be ready to make your dream unforgettable.  A So

In Amalfi Coast magics happen and you will feel part of all this. Also available for Positano wedding. A Positano wedding photographer can record the best memories of your life.

go further amalfi coast wedding photographer and discover capri.

Memorable Weddings with a photographer
in Amalfi Coast

What will certainly remain of your Amalfi wedding is a picture of it, yet in order to make this memory unforgettable you need of the professionists. And you will definitely find them in Amalfi Coast for Ravello wedding and Positano wedding.

wedding photographer ravello

A classic Ravello wedding and elegant photo gallery for a wedding that has been characterized by a strong emotional component. The magic of Ravello wedding photographer has been the key in reading of this unique love story.

ravello wedding photographer

The italian countryside offers a variety of backgrounds and beautiful scenaries. Discover how moody and timeless can be the pictures of your wedding in Tuscany as well as Ravello and the rest of Amalfi Coast and Italy.

amalfi wedding photographer

The indie and boho veins were not lacking for the duration of this outdoor Sorrento wedding photographer. The reception of “Villa Sabrina” was undoubtedly suitable for the theme, the couple and the very nice guests. This is true also for wedding in Amalfi and Positano.

from a wedding in NH convento Amalfi Coast

Very traditional with a bit of modern touch. Such a moody couple with their Amalfi wedding photographer with a good taste for details and vintage location.

Ravello weddings are also timeless and beautiful. Yo can have a look checking our galleries.

Amalfi Coast wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo in Capri and Positano

Why hiring a Ravello wedding photographer?

Deciding where to get married should be one of the first things to cross off from your wedding to-do list. Once you’ve booked a wedding in a Ravello venue, you can start looking for other essential wedding vendors such as your caterer and decorator. But how do you even decide on a wedding venue in the first place? What makes a good wedding venue? Emiliano Russo, a Ravello wedding photographer will take care of your wedding in Amalfi.

We understand that everyone has their own dream wedding venue. For some couples, it can be as simple as the backyard of their childhood home, but for others, it may be as grand as the Plaza. Wherever it is, your venue should suit the kind of dream wedding you want to have. Go through the list we’ve prepared below to get an idea of what your wedding venue should be like. As a wedding photographer in Positano, Amalfi Coast, I will be happy to give you the best suggestions.

Are you looking for an Amalfi wedding photographer that will pick a straight forward record of the day or a work/talented/ability that will capture the romance and love between you and your partner? You’re might looking for somebody that will record your story as a candid fable. And this is probably because you are thinking to get married in Amalfi Coast and not in a big city all over the world. You should look at the portfolio of Emiliano Russo. He will be the first choice to make when you think to get marry in Amalfi as well as Capri and Positano and Ravello.

Not just matter of something fashionable yet just an indipendent photography sector – even in Italy – it can’t be ignored.

Amalfi Coast wedding photographer

Your need to have an emotional record of  your “do you want to marry me” matches and answer today.

Take the chance.

capri wedding photographer

Not just matter of something fashionable yet just an indipendent photography sector – even in Italy – it can’t be ignored.

Amalfi Coast wedding photographer

Your need to have an emotional record of  your “do you want to marry me” matches and answer today.

Take the chance.

Positano Wedding Photographer

From Our Wedding Stories

“We are moody tellers and love taking records of your memories”.

Proposal at Villa Cimbrone

Ravello – Amalfi Coast

Elope to Ravello

Villa Cimbrone – Ravello

Honeymoon in Sorrento

Romantic experience 

Engaged in Ravello

Ravello – A moody portrait

Proposal in Amalfi

Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast wedding photographer


We are ready to read all about your need and we would like to know more about you and your storylife, in order to suggest the best location for Ravello and Positano Wedding, the best Hotel and the best services to make your experience amazingly unforgettable with your Ravello wedding photographer.

We will also be pleased to know how did you find us on internet, what made you write us so what you like more about our website and all the suggestion to improve our job will be welcome and very appreciated.

Amalfi Wedding is first of all a team, that was born by Emiliano Russo as an idea to combine wedding and tourism. As we know that a wedding experience overseas is a real torusm experience after all. So we will do our best to satisfy your expectations. I’m also on Mywed , Fearless, Ispwp.

ravello wedding photographer - emiliano russo


In order to have the best location that will match your needs we will suggest you where is the best for you in such a nice place but also very tricky for the stairs which is Positano. Positano Wedding is an experience that needs to be planned very well before book a date with your Positano wedding photographer.

Amalfi weddings are the most timeless and alternative weddings on the Amalfi Coast. You can find many nice spot without crowds and so you can have beautiful pictures with not many people around you.

Ravello weddings are the most sofisticated and elegand on the Coast.

The Amalfi Coast weddings are the most classy for sure.

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