Any photographer in Ravello is not in love with Villa Cimbrone. We want to be honest, as wedding photographers in Ravello, every time we have the privilege to capture a Villa Cimbrone wedding; we can’t hide our enthusiasm. The magical venue, with its romantic belvedere, makes it easy to understand why so many couples have their wedding in Villa Cimbrone. It is just like living in a fairy tale!

The best venue in Amalfi Coast for your Villa Cimbrone wedding

You will never know what Hotel Villa Cimbrone has in store for you until you decide to have your luxury wedding in Ravello. Villa Cimbrone is one of the rare cases where the reality is much better than any expectations. Many wedding professionals work in the Hotel with impressive passion, and you can feel it at first glance.

One of the most elegant and timeless venues on the Amalfi Coast is Hotel Villa Cimbrone, in the lovely town of Ravello. The charming Amalfi Coast venue is surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere that will mark any   Villa Cimbrone wedding as an unforgettable experience. Thanks to its beautiful gardens and the famous Terrace of Infinity, the Villa has been an attraction and a shelter for prominent politicians and aristocrats and a source of inspiration for many artists.

A unique Villa Cimbrone wedding between luxury and history

Your wedding can be extraordinary with the help of the best wedding planners in Amalfi Coast. Disclose why we included Villa Cimbrone in the best wedding venues in Amalfi Coast. You will be amazed by the beauty of the infinity terrace first, although the gardens are amazing and sites like the Crypt and temples around. All these elements together will make all weddings special.

Decorated with Roman-style statues along its fence, the Terrace of Infinity overlooks the sea and the Amalfi coast. The Terrace offers the opportunity to “embrace” the Mediterranean, feel part of this amazingness between the sea and the sky, and see all shades of blue at once. With its majestic “Ally of Immensity,” the whole garden is designed to surround you with strong expectations at the Terrace of Infinity.

Make your exclusive Villa Cimbrone wedding on the Amalfi Coast come true!

Decorated with Roman-style statues along its fence, the Terrace of Infinity overlooks the sea and the Amalfi coast. The Terrace offers the opportunity to “embrace” the Mediterranean, feel part of this amazingness between the sea and the sky, and see all shades of blue at once. The whole garden, with its majestic “Ally of Immensity,” is designed to surround you with strong expectations at the Terrace of Infinity.

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The view from the Belvedere is outstanding and dramatic.

It is a catchy natural backdrop for a couple of shots during a Villa Cimbrone wedding. Only the best Italian wedding photographers can catch spectacular photos.


shades of blue

villa cimbrone gardens

What will certainly remain of your Amalfi wedding is a picture of it, yet in order to make this memory unforgettable you need of the professionists. And you will definitely find them in Amalfi Coast for Ravello wedding and Positano wedding.

The Infinity Terrace at Villa Cimbrone offers an unparalleled setting for capturing the most precious moments of your wedding day.

The combination of its awe-inspiring views, lush gardens, and storied past create an atmosphere of romance and elegance, providing the perfect backdrop for your couple shots. Your wedding photos will be a true testament to the love you share, immortalized in the enchanting surroundings of this extraordinary venue.

villa cimbrone gardens
villa cimbrone gardens

emiliano russo

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Villa Cimbrone wedding

Villa Cimbrone Wedding: intimate

We suggest the terrace as the best place where you can have an unrepeatable engagement proposal in Ravello. Your parthner will surely tell you YES! Thanks to Lord Grimthorpe, a British nobleman, the villa and the gardens were renovated in the early 20th century bringing back to their ancient splendor. We might frame your walking towards the “Ally of Immensity”, maybe in the springtime, when the white and blue wisteria are in full bloom, surrounded of greenery and ancient trees with marble busts and pergolas. All this details make Villa Cimbrone gardens timeless and enchanted. Your wedding guests ad you will really enjoy this touch of classical feel.

villa cimbrone wedding

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The breathtakingly beautiful of Villa Cimbrone gardens

Villa Cimbrone wedding

Although Villa Cimbrone doesn’t host Catholic and civil ceremonies, it is possible to celebrate Protestant, Jewish as well as symbolic ceremonies in Ravello in one of the many beautiful spots of the garden (for example the Chiostro). Ideal for small as well as fairly large wedding ceremonies making Villa Cimbrone wedding an unforgettable experience.

f you are considering a catholic wedding with civil validity, as Ravello wedding photographers we suggest you three stunning churches located in the heart of town like as the main Duomo, the smaller church of Santa Maria a Gradillo or baroque church of San Francesco d’Assisi on the narrow path leading to Hotel Villa Cimbrone.

Villa Cimbrone wedding

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Capturing the Beauty of Villa Cimbrone's Gardens for Your Dream Wedding Photos

The Rose Garden, on the other hand, is a true paradise for flower enthusiasts. Filled with over 2000 roses of various colors and varieties, this garden is a symphony of fragrances and colors. Imagine strolling hand in hand with your partner along the winding pathways, surrounded by a sea of fragrant roses as you pose for your wedding photos.

For those who seek a more dramatic and adventurous backdrop, the Crypta and Grotto gardens offer a mystical and enchanting atmosphere. The Crypta Garden is in a natural cave adorned with ancient statues and a fountain, creating a romantic and intimate setting for your wedding photos. On the other hand, the Grotto garden is a wonderland of ferns, moss, and ivy, creating an ethereal and mythological ambiance that is perfect for capturing a fairytale romance.

Aside from these gardens, Villa Cimbrone has many other hidden gems waiting to be discovered, each offering its unique beauty and charm. The possibilities for capturing stunning wedding photos are endless, from the Moorish to the English-style garden.

Whether looking for a romantic and elegant setting or a dramatic and adventurous backdrop, Villa Cimbrone's gardens offer endless possibilities for your dream wedding photos. With their timeless beauty and rich history, these gardens are the perfect backdrop for capturing the love and joy of your special day. So why not make your wedding day even more unforgettable by choosing Villa Cimbrone as your wedding venue and having these stunning gardens as your backdrop?


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Villa Cimbrone Elopement packages
Villa Cimbrone Elopement packages
Villa Cimbrone Elopement packages
Villa Cimbrone Elopement packages
Villa Cimbrone Elopement packages
Villa Cimbrone Elopement packages
Villa Cimbrone Elopement packages
Villa Cimbrone Elopement packages

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Villa Cimbrone Ravello Wedding - emiliano russo - ravello wedding photographer

Some tips for your symbolic ceremony at Hotel Villa Cimbrone

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The crypt, with its massive columns, shady interior, and a stunning view on the surroundings. It is an ideal spot for wedding dinner and party as well.

The quality of light is astounding and it is possible to personalize also the colours and settings you want to. This space offers a unique and magical location for stunning pictures taken by any wedding photographer Ravello

Couples dream with open eyes, and this state of mind will be perfectly framed, giving to all of the pictures that positive mood.

Dinner, speeches, and music can be taken inside the Crypt but you can chose to move down to the gardens for the cutting cake moment.

Hotel Villa Cimbrone is also the best venue to organize a symbolic ceremony in Ravello, that will make your wedding a unique and unforgettable experience for everybody.

A magical location for your Villa Cimbrone wedding

In order To make your Villa Cimbrone wedding special and personal you might use the power of symbols. Crystals within the ceremony area: they bring positive energy and transfer good virtues to the couple’s marriage. Planting seeds at the site of your ceremony or in a small pot to take home for example.The seeds symbolize something which is going to grow, a wish that your life will become huge and stronger. As well as candle-lighting is the power and the purity of fire. Candles define atmosphere and enhance the beauty of the pictures too.  You can use all these symbols to amaze and astonish the guests of your Villa Cimbrone Wedding!

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How much does a Villa Cimbrone wedding cost?


villa cimbrone wedding

As Amalfi coast wedding photographers, it’s not possible define at first glance the real amount of an entire Villa Cimbrone wedding price, yet if you are planning a wedding in Villa Cimbrone we would like to help you to figure out how many professional vendors are involved and how and why they could affect the Villa Cimbrone wedding cost.

If the photography service in Amalfi Coast is crucial for you, if you really think it’s more important than other services, then it would be wise if you’d ask the photographer suggestions in order to choose the best  wedding planner or other vendors. There are very good professional wedding planners who cares much on light conditions and respect what is vital in order to record good quality pictures, yet there are some of them who really don’t care about it in writing a bad schedule.

Villa Cimbrone Ravello Wedding - emiliano russo - ravello wedding photographer

A good wedding planner should definitely able to show you an accurate cost analysis with several options at least, and should be very focused in planning the time of your wedding following your guidelines and your priority.  So if photography is your priority you should ask the photographer first who is the best wedding planner to hire.

The high-quality service and extras for a luxury wedding in Villa Cimbrone

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elopements in villa cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone Ravello Wedding - emiliano russo - ravello wedding photographer

Villa Cimbrone weddings are always refined and exclusive. Yet this doesn’t mean you cannot chose between a large number of options in order to personalize the space around you. Welcome cocktails can be served by the panoramic terrace or at the Mediterranean garden and followed by a dinner in one of the most romantic and extraordinary halls of Ravello with Gothic arches and colonnades.

The charm of the centuries-old venue, the attention to details, traditional refined cuisine, rich wine cellar makes Hotel Villa Cimbrone a unique location for your wedding reception. The Villa is the only hotel on the Amalfi Coast with its own private helipad. You can even land right at your destination, maybe after a fly trip around the Coast!

Therefore, many couples remember their luxury wedding in Villa Cimbrone as an extraordinary one-time experience, characterized by a rare sense of exclusivity. As wedding photographers in Amalfi Coast, the pleasure to capture the best moment of a wedding reception at Villa Cimbrone is indescribable.

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The magic of your luxury wedding in Villa Cimbrone.

Villa Cimbrone wedding
Villa Cimbrone wedding

Our aim as Italian wedding photographers is recording your feelings while you will be discovering a unique beauty. Your Villa Cimbrone wedding memories will be placed in a beautiful story for generations to treasure.

Choosing us as your destination wedding photographers is Italy you will ensure that your Villa Cimbrone wedding will be captured with its magical atmosphere.

Also, you can ask us more about our Villa Cimbrone wedding photographer services like as engagements, elopements and wedding proposals during the wedding season. Get in touch with us to obtain many information to make your Villa Cimbrone wedding an epic event.



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Villa Cimbrone wedding


Villa Cimbrone wedding