Wedding Amalfi Coast

wedding amalfi coast

Wedding Amalfi Coast

Wedding Amalfi Coast

Weding Amalfi Coast – For several people, including many celebrities, jet-set, tourists and many other categories, the Amalfi Coast is the most beautiful place in Italy.

In fact it has inspired with its beauty numerous artists: musicians, poets, directors, writers.

And the Amalfi Coast has been also crowned by Unesco as World Heritage Site. For example, it is the heaven on earth for the holidays and for a short and relaxing getaway during the week-end.

But, if you are incredibly romantic and you love the fairy tales, do not lose the opportunity to organize here an unforgettable Wedding Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is simply magical and majestic: its renowned towns along the Coast are little masterpieces.


Considering this amazing scenario, it won’t be easy to choose the place, where to organize the Wedding Amalfi Coast.

First of all, our suggestion is to visit all 3 towns: Positano, Amalfi, Ravello. You will find out that they have a lot of differences.

For example, as you approach Positano, it will appear like a post-card picture, with its dramatic cliff side.

Moving to Ravello, you will notice how sophisticate it is, and you will be fascinated by Piazza Duomo and the stunning Villa Cimbrone. Finally, reaching Amalfi, you will find culture, history and luxury.

You don’t have to do anything special, while moving along the Amalfi Coast. Just while the time away, sit in a café, lay down on a sandy beach and…..suddenly you will know which is your favourite place, where you will celebrate your majestic Wedding Amalfi Coast.


All this beauty, the landscape, the breath-taking views, the ancient monuments will play an important role in your Wedding Amalfi Coast and especially in your Wedding pictures.

But, no matter which town you have selected, this incredible setting won’t be only a frame in your pictures. This will become instead a part of the action itself, of your emotions, of your Wedding experience.

Everything will shine, as natural as possible, and the photography will turn all the surrounding elements into a timeless scenario. There won’t exist any boundaries between nature and body, between feelings and landscape.

It will be a whole and the balance will be absolute. Consequently, bride and groom will reflect this deep joy and harmony in their face, in their movements, in their gaze.

If you want to experience an Amalfi Wedding Coast and if you want to keep the memories of this day alive all life long, thanks to true, real, natural Wedding pictures, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. First of all, we are here to listen to your desires, in order to make them come true!

Please write us. You’ll be contacted in about 24 hours.

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