Wedding in Positano

Wedding in Positano can be amazing if you understand the way Positano is and the way light is moving during the season chosen. Get the most with us!

A Positano wedding can be easy to book and complicated to manage if you don’t know that much about how the territory is composed in itself.

Climbed old cosy houses on the rock. Yes it is, it’s just amazing and cosy and breathtaking. But how to organize your big day in such an amazing place.

First of all you have to take in consideration that not everywhere is possible to enjoy the wonderful iconic view of Positano, so if you want to have it as background you have to make sure that the venue you are almost going to book will give you the possibility to offer you this option for your wedding in Positano.

As professional wedding photographer in Positano I always give the best suggestions as much that I can to all of my clients after listening their needs.

In wedding proposals they often ask me to have the iconic wonderful view of Positano and this is possible at the sunset, but many people don’t actually know that the sun goes back to the mountains in Positano during the summer and not back to the see as they expect.

Any elopement in Positano must be carefully planned in terms of good light conditions and many other elements such are: traffic, tourists around the streets and risk to be stucked somewhere. You definitely need of a local photographer in Positano to feel more comfortable in moving around.

For real weddings and so when you have many guests you definitely will need of an Amalfi Coast wedding planner. But make sure to chose tyhe right one. We can suggest you many names who work professionally on the top level. Get in touch


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