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Wedding in Apulia: between a friendly atmosphere, breathtaking sea views, and delicious food

Live your wedding in Apulia experience: a perfect mix of peaceful countryside and sea. It is a top Italian wedding destination for couples.

With its uncontaminated nature, crystal clear sea, ancient culinary tradition, and history of the past still visible in the architecture, Puglia is the fascinating scenery where you can plan the most important day of your life.

Blend all these elements, and you will discover why so many couples worldwide celebrate their wedding in Puglia Italy.

Weddings in Apulia: a trendy destination for a wedding abroad

You have probably seen or heard about destination weddings in Tuscany, Umbria, or on the Amalfi Coast, but now one of Italy’s less talked about regions is becoming the new ‘in’ spot for exclusive weddings in Italy.

Weddings in Apulia are the new trend: Puglia is one of the emerging Italian wedding destinations, and as Italian wedding photographers, we say FINALLY!

The charming countryside mansions and renowned “Masseria” is the perfect setting for a destination wedding Puglia or classy and romantic Italian weddings. Many of them have olive and citrus groves, pools, courtyards, and accommodations, making them perfect for a wedding in Puglia Italy, and a holiday, honeymoon, and elopements in Italy.

Further inland, the Itria Valley is full of gorgeous towns with characters, such as the stunning cone-shaped rooftops (called Trulli) of Alberobello and Locorotondo. Let’s remember the remarkable beauty of Ostuni, known as the “White City,” the ideal place for a luxury wedding Puglia. Further south, Lecce, known as a “Little Florence,” boasts stunning Baroque architecture, honey-hued facades, and miles upon miles of unspoiled coastlines.

The best Apulia wedding venues for an unforgettable experience

If you are considering getting married in Puglia, you have many options. Nowadays, most of the Masserie are five-star hotels with luxury spas, gourmet restaurants, and modern facilities to big elegant homes with spectacular grounds and swimming pools: ideal settings for extraordinary weddings in Puglia. These beautiful houses are often olive-oil and wine producers where guests can taste and buy products.


Yet, if you want to plan a more exclusive wedding, as destination wedding photographers, we suggest the majestic Castello Monaci. This stunning castle is nestled in the heart of the Salento region. It boasts a beautiful park full of flowers that reflects in the crystal-clear swimming pool, creating an enchanting backdrop for an outdoor ceremony you’ll never forget.

wedding in apulia

And if you’re dreaming of a beach Apulia wedding, the fantastic Ionian Sea is just 20 km away! Imagine saying your vows with the sound of the waves crashing in the background and then sipping cocktails with your loved ones on the beach before heading back to the castle for lunch or dinner and an unforgettable wedding party.

At Castello Monaci, built in 1700, you can celebrate your wedding in Apulia with a civil ceremony or choose the magnificent vineyards or winery as a venue for your celebration. The inner courtyard or the Hall of Shields will form the most splendid frame for your wedding, turning it into a truly one-of-a-kind event.

The staff and coordinators at Castello Monaci will take care of every detail, from preparing each area with the most incredible attention to your needs and wishes to ensure the bridal couple enjoys every moment and shares every emotion with their family and friends without having to worry about the organization.

wedding in apulia


Let us tell you about this place – it’s a beautiful mix of colors. The white limestone buildings are surrounded by the green of the olive trees and the brown of the ground, and you can see the blue of the sea and the stunning orange sunsets. Borgo Egnazia is made up of a cluster of buildings that are modern and elegant, with all the comforts you could want. It’s the perfect place for families or couples of any age, and it will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

It’s located in the middle of Brindisi and Bari airports, making it convenient for guests to choose the best airport. Plus, it’s a 5-star luxury resort that covers a large area, giving you and your guests much space to enjoy.



And when it comes to your wedding reception, they have plenty of options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an elegant gourmet restaurant or a more relaxed Apulian farm or beach club, we can build your event to your specifications.

But there are more – Borgo Egnazia offers you and your guest’s many activities. From cooking courses and guided visits to farming and all kinds of sports (including golf and a fantastic spa), there’s something for everyone. You can even try seaside activities, fishing, wine tasting, and olive oil picking – the list goes on and on!

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This traditional farmhouse is located near Ostuni, a stunning city in Puglia. It’s Nestled at the foot of a hill and surrounded by olive groves, pomegranate trees, and prickly pears, with a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea.

Upon arrival, you’ll notice the whitewashed external walls and the tile roof, giving the Masseria a charming and rustic feel. And once you step inside, you’ll find a variety of spaces perfect for your big day. Imagine saying your vows in one of the two orange groves or the beautiful garden with a unique pergola, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

But that’s not all; there are also inside spaces available for your wedding banquet and a Trullo hidden away in the olive grove. You’ll have many options to choose from and create the perfect wedding experience for you and your guests.

Masseria Le Carrube is the perfect place to make your Apulia wedding dreams come true. So, don’t hesitate to book your special day in this exclusive area of Puglia and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

A touch of tradition for your wedding in Apulia

Last but not least, you may decide on a wedding in a Trullo surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. The “Trullo” is a round, conical-roofed stone house invented in the 14th century and a symbol of the Puglia region.

So, as luxury wedding photographers, we assure you that if you choose a destination wedding in Puglia, you will live a “time travel” for a lifestyle wedding experience in Italy.

Make your dream come true with a wedding in Puglia Italy

In Puglia, it is possible to celebrate Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant weddings and civil ceremonies or symbolic weddings. Also, you can have a legally valid wedding; your marriage will be recognized as official in your home country. Thanks to this, you can fulfill any dream or desire for your wedding in Apulia.

Wedding in Apulia: when is the best time to organize it?

The ‘heel of Italy’ is gorgeous all year round, so if you are looking for an off-season Apulia wedding, the mild climate is ideal for April or October celebrations. You will enjoy the sandy beaches during warmer months, while the spring brings blooming florals and intense colors, and the fall has many food festivals and harvests.

Your wedding in Puglia means getting married on a stunning beach before a great blue sea. Yet, in one of the ancient churches with a view of the sea in a romantic and intimate atmosphere, perfect for a private wedding in Apulia.

Celebrate your destination wedding Apulia on the beach

Suppose you dream about getting married in Puglia on the beach. In that case, you can choose between several beach resorts overlooking the crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea, like Polignano a Mare or the Gargano area.

Yet, as Apulia wedding photographers, we also suggest the Salento peninsula, where you can have the opportunity to exchange your vows on the sand and plan an Apulia wedding reception and sunset dinner admiring the blue water of the sea.



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Elope in Positano

An intimate and private wedding in Positano. Find out how to make your elopement in Italy unforgettable with wonderful photos and unique details on breathtaking views.

An intimate wedding with a vintage car in Praiano. If well organized you can plan the ceremony in Positano and take pictures along the coast and driving a vintage car.

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Our goal is to redesign the atmosphere of your wedding and give you a unique emotional record of a perfect day.

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For you who love luxury and elegance, refinement, amazingness on such an important day, there is a dream to live with no delay.

The sea is one of the many gems of Apulia, as this region stretches itself over many kilometers along a beautiful coastline spotted with cliffs and white sand beaches, from the sandy Torre dell’Orso down to Santa Maria di Leuca where the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea mix with those of the Adriatic Sea. With a wedding in Puglia, sea lovers will enjoy the beach or discover the coastline from the sea on a boat during their stay in Italy.

The local cuisine can be one of the most charming details of your wedding in Apulia

Thanks to all recipes and techniques passed down from generation to generation, Apulian cuisine is an experience that every guest at your wedding in Apulia will remember. Everything is lovingly handmade, seasonal, and fresh is a taste not to be missed.

Wines such as Aleatico, Primitivo di Manduria, and Negroamaro represent the glory of a qualified, world-famous winemaking tradition. Oils come from magnificent, centuries-old Apulian olive trees and bring out the flavors of typical regional dishes.

One must taste Altamura bread, widely renowned thanks to its unmistakable taste and yellow color derived from wheat flour to leave Apulia.

For couples who love natural beauty and the laidback, effortless southern Italian style, choose a wedding in Apulia Italy; you will never want to leave!

Getting married in Apulia: navigating legal requirements and visa restrictions

If you are a foreigner planning to get married in Apulia Italy, there are some legal requirements that you need to comply with. Firstly, both parties must be at least 18 years old and not be closely related. Secondly, you must have valid identification, such as a passport, and provide proof of your marital status, such as a divorce decree or death certificate if you have been married.

Additionally, suppose you are not an Italian citizen or resident. In that case, you must obtain a “Nulla Osta,” a document that certifies that there aren’t legal impediments to your marriage, from your embassy or consulate in Italy. The Nulla Osta must be translated into Italian and legalized by an Italian court before it can be submitted to the local town hall where you plan to get married.

It is crucial to note that obtaining a Nulla Osta can take several weeks or even months, so it is recommended that you start the process well before your planned wedding date.

Visa requirements for a wedding in Puglia

Regarding visa requirements, if you are a citizen of the European Union or one of the countries in the Schengen Area, you do not need a visa to enter Italy. However, you may need a permit before entering Italy if you are from a country outside these areas.

Overall, while the legal requirements for getting married in Apulia can be complex, with proper planning and preparation, foreign visitors can have a legally recognized wedding in this beautiful region of Italy.

From finding vendors to handling emergencies: our insider tips for planning a wedding in Apulia

Getting married in Apulia is an incredible experience that you’ll remember forever. But, just like any other event, it requires a lot of careful planning and attention to detail. One of the first things to tackle is finding the right vendors.


You want to be sure you have the best Apulia wedding planner, Apulia wedding venue, caterer, florist, and any other professionals who can help make your wedding day unforgettable. A great way to start is by looking at online reviews and personal recommendations to understand what vendors work best for you.


Another important aspect of wedding planning is creating a timeline. Planning everything out is essential, from the ceremony and reception times to hair and makeup appointments and transportation. Ensure all your vendors are aware of the timeline and on the same page. You want everyone to show up on time and attend important events on your big day!


Unfortunately, unexpected issues can arise at any moment during wedding planning. It’s best to be prepared for them so they don’t ruin your special day. Have a backup plan in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Make sure that all your vendors have clear instructions on how to handle any unexpected situations.


Lastly, it’s always a good idea to have a designated person, like an Apulia wedding planner or a trusted friend, who can handle any issues on your wedding day.

All in all, planning a wedding in Apulia can be a wonderful and memorable experience. It requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt to unexpected situations. With the right vendors, a well-planned timeline, and a plan for any issues, you’ll be well on your way to creating the wedding of your dreams!

The importance of an expert photographer for your wedding Apulia

As you plan your dream wedding in the beautiful region of Apulia, it is essential to consider the importance of hiring a skilled Apulia wedding photographer. Your wedding in Apulia is one of the most incredible and memorable days of your life, and you want to look back on it with joy and nostalgia for years to come. A talented Apulia photographer can capture your day’s special moments and emotions, creating beautiful and timeless images you can treasure forever.

wedding in masseria apulia
wedding in masseria apulia
wedding in masseria apulia
wedding in masseria apulia
wedding in masseria apulia

We love capturing authentic athmospheres in every wedding. Our storytelling starts from your “persona”. Your state of mind is the key factor of our work. We are like “translators” of a meaningful slice of you, the light, the backdrops, the italian views and our sensitivity by delivering all of this in a picture.

wedding in masseria apulia
wedding in masseria apulia
wedding in masseria apulia

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Wedding in Masseria

One critical factor that sets experienced photographers apart is their ability to anticipate what will happen during the ceremony and reception. In fact, as Apulia wedding photographers, we know how to be present but not intrusive, capturing all of the crucial moments without disrupting the flow of the celebration. We also have the technical know-how to use natural or artificial light to create stunning shots without relying on flash or other sources.

Beyond our technical expertise, we also make our subjects feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. It is crucial for capturing authentic and genuine emotions, especially on your wedding day.

We understand the significance of preserving your special day, and our experience and skills enable us to capture the magic and joy of your wedding in timeless images. By trusting in our abilities, you can rest assured that you will have beautiful photographs that will transport you back to your special day every time you look at them.

Hire a wedding planner to avoid any stress about your wedding in Apulia

Ensuring that your wedding day goes smoothly and every detail is attended to is crucial in making it an extraordinary and memorable occasion. The best way to achieve this is to hire an experienced Apulia wedding planner.

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Capture the Magic of Your Special Day with Emiliano Russo

Emiliano Russo is the premier choice for your wedding photography needs.

A professional wedding planner will take care of all of the details of your special day, from choosing the perfect venue and coordinating with staff to ensure everything is flawless to helping you plan out every aspect of your ceremony and reception, including finding reliable vendors and creating a timeline for the day. They will also help you find great deals on all of the elements of your wedding, from flowers to cakes, and can even set up an online registry where guests can purchase gifts.

Hiring an Apulia wedding planner is a wise investment in your big day’s success and smooth running. Trust in their expertise and allow them to handle the details so that you can focus on celebrating and creating timeless memories.


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Who dreams of a wedding in Italy should never miss out to be photographed on heritage sites.

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micro wedding in positano

In conclusion, a wedding in Apulia Italy, offers an unparalleled experience, thanks to its natural beauty, uncontaminated nature, crystal clear sea, ancient culinary tradition, and rich history. Whether you want a beach wedding, a countryside mansion wedding, or a luxury wedding in one of its gorgeous towns, Apulia has something for everyone. The mild climate makes it ideal for off-season weddings, and the local cuisine will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

So, Apulia is the perfect destinations wedding for couples looking to create a lasting memory of their big day. Therefore, take action today and plan your wedding in Apulia for an unforgettable experience.




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