Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone

Enchanting Wedding at Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone: A Tale of Two Amalfi Treasures

Say ‘I do’ in paradise. Unforgettable weddings at Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone in Amalfi Coast.

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Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone


Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone

In the embrace of the Amalfi Coast, where the cerulean sea kisses the horizon, lie two jewels that offer unparalleled elegance for couples who dream of an extraordinary wedding day.

Spiral into the romance spun by Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone, two venues that epitomize the essence of Italian charm and opulence.

Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone

Begin Your Forever at Villa Vettica

Enter Villa Vettica through its wrought-iron gates and let the warmth of the Italian sun guide you to the start of your forever.

Immersed in views that stretch out to touch the heavens, Villa Vettica is not merely a venue but the commencement of a lifetime’s journey in tandem with nature’s own harmony.

Intimate I Do’s: The Romantic Essence of Villa Vettica’s Ceremonies

Beneath the sheltering sky, amidst the fragrant blooms, pledge your eternal fealty. The outdoor gardens provide a cocoon of privacy, an amphitheater to the whispering sea below, where each ‘I do’ resonates with nature’s silent vow to bear witness to your union.

The Portrait of Elegance: Villa Vettica Bridal Suites

The bridal suites at Villa Vettica are sanctuaries of tranquility, reflecting the quintessence of Amalfi elegance. Each suite is a carefully curated composition of luxury and comfort, providing a space where brides can prepare for their march down the aisle with grace and poise.

A Serenade of Flavors: Gourmet Wedding Cuisine in Villa Vettica

At Villa Vettica, our Michelin-starred chefs craft custom menus that transcend ordinary wedding fare. From ocean-fresh seafood to ripe, sun-kissed fruits, each course cascades into the next, inviting you and your guests on a culinary voyage that celebrates Italian gastronomy’s rich legacy.


Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone


Ravello is definitely one of the most enchanting spots in Italy for an elegant wedding.

Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone


We know intimate places in Ravello and your love story deserve the best.

Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone


You can combine a luxurious wedding with a deep journey in Amalfi Coast

Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone: Where Amalfi Dreams Unfold

In the heart of Ravello lies Villa Cimbrone, a historical edifice that whispers stories of the past with every stone and corridor, offering a profound sensation of timelessness. With its panoramic vistas and verdant gardens, the villa is a canvas upon which your matrimonial dreams can come to vibrant life.

Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone

Gardens of Eden: Exchanging Vows at Villa Cimbrone

Step into the Gardens of Eden where the ornate statues and vibrant florals blend to create a poetic space for exchanging vows. Here in the Villa Cimbrone gardens, you are ensconced in an Edenic tapestry, which is a celebration of life and natural beauty.

Capturing Love’s Glow: Wedding Photography at Villa Cimbrone

With every hidden nook offering a postcard-perfect setting, Villa Cimbrone guarantees a wedding album filled with stills that pulsate with the joy and elegance of your special day. Each snapshot is a storybook page that will allow you to revisit this enchanting chapter for all the years to come.

Dancing Under the Stars: Villa Cimbrone’s Majestic Receptions

Imagine dancing for the first time as a married couple in Villa Cimbrone’s majestic receptions, lost in each other’s eyes beneath a vault of stars. Let the cool night air and the soft melody serenade you, as you begin the first dance of the rest of your lives.


Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone

I love capturing feelings around stunning atmospheres inside beautiful lights in charming places around Italy and not only. I love crafting memories that are built by my eye, my work philosophy and definitely my sensitivity.

Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone


Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone

Culinary Delights Amidst Amalfi Splendor

In Amalfi, to dine is to celebrate life, and our venues elevate this tradition into an art form. The coastal terroir enlivens every dish, and the local wines tell the tale of the rich, volcanic soil from which they spring.

A Feast for the Senses: Villa Vettica’s Gourmet Experience

Dine al fresco at Villa Vettica where every meal is a tapestry of local colors, textures, and tastes. Here, the culinary experience is tailored to entice the senses, where the dishes not only satiate hunger but also ignite the spirit of festivity.

The Epicurean Journey at Villa Cimbrone’s Celebrated Tables

Villa Cimbrone’s illustrious dining experience is a confluence of gastronomic innovation and time-honored traditions. A tour de force of flavors awaits you, each one chosen to compliment your chosen theme and to enhance the celebratory ambiance of your wedding banquet.

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Designing Your Dream Day

Every couple is unique, and the events that celebrate their union should be as well. Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone offer customizations for every aspect of your special day, encapsulating the personality and preferences of every couple down to the finest details.

The Art of Amalfi Weddings: Villa Vettica’s Themed Decor

Tailoring the aesthetics of Villa Vettica to fit your dream wedding is both our passion and our specialty. From whimsical floral arrangements to elegant table settings, every decorative element marries your vision with our execution to create a harmonious and memorable setting.

Villa Cimbrone’s Legacy of Luxury: Event Styling with a View

In Villa Cimbrone, the decor is steeped in luxury with an undeniably romantic essence. Whether through the intricate linens draping over the venue or the bespoke lighting casting a golden glow, the styling of your event is set against the most breathtaking panoramic views.

The Quintessence of Romance in Amalfi Lodging

Your Amalfi wedding experience extends beyond the ceremony and reception, encompassing every restful night’s sleep and morning’s awakening in our sumptuous accommodations, defined by luxury and comfort.

Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone

Villa Vettica’s Sumptuous Suites: A Honeymoon Haven

Your first night as a married couple demands a setting of unabashed romance. Retreat to Villa Vettica’s sumptuous suites where luxury whispers in the fine linens, the plush furnishings, and the panoramic balcony views that invite moonlit toasts to your future.

Serenity and Splendor: Villa Cimbrone’s Accommodations

The rooms in Villa Cimbrone are a perfect symphony of serenity and splendor, offering a restful respite for you and your guests. Each suite is adorned with elements reflective of the villa’s regal heritage and enhanced by every modern comfort.

The Symphony of Amalfi Wedding Services

Our dedication to marrying craftsmanship with service ensures that your nuptial celebration is carried out flawlessly. Turn to Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone to orchestrate the nuances of your ceremony, reception, and celebrations with unparalleled sophistication.

Villa Vettica’s Vows to Perfection: Personalized Wedding Planning

At Villa Vettica, our team becomes the silent architects of your dream. From the whispers of your longing, we weave a wedding experience that speaks volumes of personalized excellence through seamless planning and execution.


Discover the best way to plan a romantic wedding in Villa Vettica, and hire an Italian wedding photographer.

Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone
Wedding in Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone


Villa Cimbrone’s Orchestration of Opulence: Ensuring an Unforgettable Experience

Trust in the promises of Villa Cimbrone, where grandeur is not just envisioned but realized.

Our team is the unseen confluence behind each orchestrated moment, pledging an experience dipped in the age-old traditions of Italian hospitality, ensuring your day is etched in hearts and history alike.

As you contemplate the beginning of your wedded journey, let the Amalfi Coast treasure troves of Villa Vettica and Villa Cimbrone be the setting where your lifelong memories are cultivated, each as timeless and beautiful as the locations themselves.