Local photographer Capri for luxury weddings

Capri is the beloved island of the celebrities. You can live your luxury weddingr, enjoying the island with your personal Photographer Capri.

Local photographer Capri for luxury weddings

Local photographer Capri for luxury weddings

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Capri is the beloved island of the celebrities. You can live your luxury weddingr, enjoying the island with your personal Photographer Capri.

The best way for exploring Capri and for getting back home with high-professional and amazing pictures, is to hire a Local Photographer Capri. Local Photographers know the most beautiful spots of the town, can suggest you about the best experiences not to miss out and will definitely bring you to the places with an ideal light and environment for making a great shooting.

Suggested by your Local Photographer Capri

Here some suggestions from your Local Photographer Capri, for being sure to soak up the atmosphere of this enchanting island.

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  1. Try to get to Capri as early as possible, especially if it is high season. You will enjoy the sights of Capri, when it’s not too crowded.
  2. Buy tickets for a tour of the Grotta Azzurra. You have two different alternatives: going for the complete circle tour, which includes the dramatic Faraglioni rocks formations or for the shorter tour, to the Grotta Azzurra and back.
  3. Pay a visit to Anacapri: ask your Local Photographer Sorrento to take pictures of the locals, while you are killing the time with a stroll through the historic centre. Although Anacapri too is a touristic destination, it’s less crowded than Capri and you will like its laid-back atmosphere. Many artists have selected Anacapri as their coveted “retreat” and have come here to spend relaxing moments and to find inspiration

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You and your Local Photographer Sorrento won’t have any difficulties in finding appropriate settings for a great shooting. Capri, in fact, is an island rich in natural beauty, with scenic and historical spots. This is one of the reasons, why Capri has been and is still nowadays the beloved island of many celebrities. And you can feel a part of this magic. You will enjoy the best panoramic view over the Mediterranean Sea, you will have plenty of luxury hotels to choose from and everything around will be beauty and glamour.

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If you want me to create alive, vibrant, romantic, beautiful, natural pictures that you can admire for the rest of your life, then feel touch with. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I hope our paths surely cross shortly.

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You can breathe from the very first beginning of your visit in Amalfi Coast this kind of timeless and charming athmosphere that will capture your eye and probably this is the main reason why you are dreaming to have an exclusive wedding Ravello rather then every other place on the Amalfi Coast.

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Exclusive wedding Ravello

In Ravello cars are not allowed so you really will have the possibility to go everywhere without caring to much of disturbing elements that can be visible in the picture. But on the other hand you need to be happy to walk from a side to another of the small town.

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