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Emiliano Russo is an Italian wedding photographer. The studio offers many packages as best destination wedding photographer in Italy.

Your Italian wedding photographer will frame unforgettable moments of your Big Dday. Are you planning to hire an italian photographer for destination wedding?

Emiliano Russo is a destination wedding photographer in Italy working for so many years in all Italian locations and stunning landscapes, as well as cities like Lake Como, ApuliaTuscany, Capri, Rome and many other

The eye of a Destination wedding photographer

Emiliano Russo offers from basic photography service for intimate elopements to more sofisticated destination weddings. Also you can unfold weddings in New York“, a collection as destination wedding photographer pictures taken around the Big Apple! In case you are planning a great wedding party you will surely find insipration.

Visit the portfolio gallery and the real weddings! For instance, what mostly inspires Emiliano are timeless weddings in exclusive and luxury places. His style is classic with a strong modern touch in composition. Emiliano Russo is ready to listen to your needs and give you advices also in terms of locations and planning. However who is better than a photographer in understanding beauty and selecting professionals who are able to manage your wedding while you are overseas? If photography is very important for you, before hiring a wedding planner you should hire the destination wedding photographer first and eventually ask him suggestion to select the best planner in Italy who will be able to satisfy your requests.


You will definitely have the best and suitable destination wedding photography packages for you. Likewise you also will be in direct connection with Emiliano and with his manager. Emiliano loves taking care of couples in person, by a direct contact although he is very busy. Packages are available on request by the contact form. Many high quality services based on luxury destinations are available at your choice.

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Italy destination wedding photographer

Check how it’s easy to make the right choice with your italian wedding photographer. Maybe you have some idea in your mind and don’t know the logistic issues related to every season in certain places yet and on this point a photographer can tell you many things.

In addition you can personalize any package with our team photographer for destination wedding.

We basically work in: Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, Capri, Rome, Florance and Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily, Sardinia, Lake Como, Garda, Iseo and the timeless Venice, sometimes in New York.

How to Find Dream Wedding Destinations

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Emiliano Russo

Some places like Positano or Florence, and Venice as well can be very tricky in summer: many tourists are everywhere. In certain spaces you are not allowed to celebrate a symbolic wedding in pubblic spaces. This is an example of how a destination wedding photographer can be helpful.

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if you like my pictures then we surely have something in common, something deep in yourself that I can see.

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How a destination wedding photographer works in Italy

We are flexible inside some unchangebale guidelines that make us dinstinctive. When I shoot I always have an assistant with me, also for engagament shootings in Italy and elopements, likewise honeymoon shooting and real weddings.

Therefore you might choose to have just me as italian wedding photographer if you don’t like having many people around you.

I certainly suggest clients to hire also a second shooter, who is necessary when bride and groom get dress at the same time and also when guests are more then 70. All of my team speaks a fluent English and we have a warm approach with our clients. We don’t like being cold and acting like big artists on stage.


Explore our weddings in Tuscany gallery and let's get some inspiration for your wedding. Tuscany can host elegant and rustic as no other place in Italy.

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Our experience in New York has been amazing and unforgettable. Weddings in NYC are so different from Europe and so exciting. We will go there again soon!

Getting lost in the street of Rome can be an unforgettable experience that deserve the best photographer. Disclose our Rome wedding photos strart to dream on!

Puglia is one of the most dinstictive Regions of Italy and planning a wedding there is definitely easier than Rome or Venice. Tones of masserias. Just amazing.

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Destination Wedding Photographer Italy

In other words we believe that this is necessary to gain more spontaneous facial expressions and natural body movements in front of our camera.

In addition, you have several other services to choose for your wedding, like videography, printed fine art album. Moreover you can check our packages and ask for more info in order to personalize your destination wedding.

Our workflow is very fast and efficient. In our team we have an editing and retouching team who is very efficient and focused on colours and also more complex elaborations when are required. After that as Italian wedding photographer I believe that keeping things simple can give much better results. However we have different needs to satisfy and the editing depends on the specific client requests. Our print services are magnificent.

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Trust your wedding planner

Our approach to destination wedding photography

We work different.

We don’t like posing people in a classic way and by weird and static gestures, In other words we like framing couples in a natural way after choosing the right frame and composition above all. A wedding photographer should be aware of framing couples in the right way, under a beautiful light and after that keeping thing natural. All albums are handmade with organic materials. We follow all process in our laboratory and we inform our client of progresses.

Any wedding photographer knows secret places likewise light conditions. They know when and where it’s better shooting with clients in order to achieve amazing results, beautiful pictures. What makes the difference are need and requests of clients. Some of them chose to shoot in crowded places under harsh light, for example midday in summer.


Timeless and classic, and also crazy sometimes, why not? In Amalfi there is a dominant mood, and on the other side you will surely find your own dimention to fit your requests and your aspectations.

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The most famous small Island of Italy, by the charming atmosphere and breathtaking views. A wedding in Capri is absolutely something really special and not for everyone.

Florence is the capital of culture in Italy. Museums and people are everywhere and you should carefully plan the timing before choosing where to get merry and where to shot in the town.

Maybe you love more the spectacular view on the cosy canals of Venice at the sunset, surrounded by history., Disclose the options that we have for weddings in Venice with our help desk.

Amalfi Coast Wedding planner

amalfi coast wedding planner - emiliano russo

However a good destination wedding photographer should be able to manage also bad conditions of light and this is the reason why we have studied two different kind of style.

Similarly we do love hi key style as well as low key style and we apply two different colour palette for each light conditions, that will be combined with the skin tone of the couple. During our process we don’t like using standard presets that make look pictures all the same. As the best destination wedding photographer we love keep up with our distinctive style.

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Moreover we tent to include our client in the workflow. We don’t think clients don’t understand what we do and believe that they are able to even give us inspirational guidelines.

wedding videographer or photographer certainly must be updated with all the gear new technology can provide. We are very cutting edge with new cameras. However what is really important is having a sensitivity, eye, creativity.

Best Italian wedding photographer

wedding videographer or photographer certainly must be updated with all the gear new technology can provide. We are very cutting edge with new cameras. However what is really important is having a sensitivity, eye, creativity. Choose the best italian wedding photographer services along the best wedding photographers Italy list. Start planning your elopement in Italy now! The Photographer has a crucial role in a Wedding. Make sure you choose yours among the best Wedding Photographers Italy and your celebration will be the best one! When you will start setting up your Big Day, you will become aware, that you need the support of many important vendors.

There are some vendors, who are fundamental in the first part of the whole organization and others, who will be more present during the day of celebrations.


Over "instagrammed" and do you think is it is a bit fake? Well, it's not. Positano is really want it is: a magic place where your wedding experience will be supreme.

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Check out our page dedicated to weddings in Ravello as I often work as photographer. Chose your package and get in contact with my customer service. We will save your time.

Different from Tuscany and amazing like the other destination wedding Italy. In Umbria you will find a specific feeling that you will never find somewhere else in Italy and the best venues.

Enjoy the private villas and the rooftop of Sorrento with the colourful and pictoresque historical town and amazing sky at the sunsent. We are ready for your wedding in Sorrento

Document your Big Day: Best wedding photographers Italy

If you have read our articles so far, you know that the Italian wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors. And he will be present from the first moments to the very last ones. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose him among the Best wedding photographers Italy.

WEDDINGs IN lake como

WEDDINGs IN lake garda

The ideal choice for you among the Best wedding photographers Italy

Maybe because it's not so overrated like Como, the Garda Lake preserved a strong authenticity that you won't easily find in places like Venice, Florence or Rome.

Enjoy the private villas of Lake Como with the colourful and pictoresque historical town and amazing sky at the sunsent. We are ready for your wedding in Como.

The first step to finding the ideal Wedding Photographer for you is to make a wide research.

do you like what you see?

Best wedding photographers in Italy

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If you are marrying in Italy, you won’t have any problem to find your perfect Italian Wedding Photographer, thanks to the help of Internet. So, you have instruments and tools to make this research, but this doesn’t mean that it will be an easy decision! To recognize the Best wedding photographers Italy, we suggest you first to browse their Social media, to look at many pictures as possible from them and to check their Wedding album.  Do you like what you see? If you find that the style, the touch, the way of depicting the situations fit to your needs, then there you are! You have found, what you were looking for, for example your Destination Wedding Photographer you were dreaming of. Best wedding photographers Italy use a lot Social Media to communicate their personality as Photographers and to attract their customers.

Deep into this world and you will have a first idea of what you can expect. This will help you also in the first interview with the photographer. This means you will know exactly, what to ask and what it will be unlikely to receive. Wedding Photography is part of my life: it’s a great passion for me to share with the couples one of most exciting experiences of their life together. I love people who love each other and I always try to reflect this in my photography in Amalfi as well as all of Italy. I capture images that tell the story of your Big Day from beginning to end.

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Best italian wedding photographer

Italy is a wonderful country. I say that, not only because I’m Italian, but especially from a professional point of view. Being a Wedding Photographer in Italy gives me every time the opportunity to capture the beauty of this country through my camera. Italy is plenty of enchanting and romantic places, where your Wedding turns into a magical experience. The environment and the emotions become a whole and the pictures of your Wedding will be the real expressions of these timeless moments. Which is the best part of Italy to tie the knot? Very often bride and groom ask me about that.

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We are a team of Italian wedding photographers

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Wedding Photographer in Italy : timeless moments

It is almost impossible, even as Wedding Photographer in Italy, to give an answer to this question, which can be suitable for all couples. Italy offers an array of very different places and they all have their big appeal. The Amalfi Coast is perfect for couples, loving the breathtaking marine landscapes and the nature, without renouncing to the glamour. FlorenceRome and Venice are all different from each other, but they share the same charm of the ancient cities, rich of great culture and history. And they grant a timeless and unique experience. Umbria is another fantastic option, for example, for couples who want to avoid the crowd and to celebrate their Wedding in style in a small borgo or in a wonderful castle in the countryside.

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Trust your wedding photographer

Start planning your wedding in italy

Wedding Photographer in Italy has first of all the important assignment to listen to the couples, in order to help them finding the right solution, for turning their dreams into reality.

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Therefore, it is a famous Wedding destination. And a Wedding in Italy can be a dream and a fairy-tale! In Italy, the Best Italian Photographers are waiting for you and looking forward to capture with their camera the best moments of your Big Day. Italy is a gorgeous country. It is renowned all over the world, not only for its beauty and its delicious food, but because it is a country, where love and romance are everywhere.

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Discover a magic country with a Wedding Photographer in Italy

The Best Italian Photographers have a long experience of  Weddings in Italy and they are used to see and attend different kind of Weddings. Therefore, they are ready and they like to suggest customers about locations, areas and venues.

Don’t underestimate, what a Wedding Photographer in Italy can do for you. Think also about the fact that the Best Italian Photographers usually work with the best vendors. Further, they can put you in contact with them and advise you, so that you can meet the right persons and make the right choice.

Last, but not least, we suggest you to share with your Photographer the decision you take concerning the style of your Wedding dresses, of the Wedding reception, of the Hair dress.

Colours, particular accessories may be not the ideal ones for the pictures and your Italian Photographer can advise you and present you other better alternatives. Last, but not least, we suggest you to share with your Photographer the decision you take concerning the style of your Wedding dresses, of the Wedding reception, of the Hair dress.

Colours, particular accessories may be not the ideal ones for the pictures and your Italian Photographer can advise you and present you other better alternatives. We know very well, that it’s hard work and we are here to support you with our tips. Here 3 tips to find the right Photographer in Italy among many Wedding Italian Photographers.

Tips to choose the right italian wedding photographer

Your style: before to search, among Italian Photographers, who is the best for you, settle on a style. It is fundamental to wonder, which is exactly your style and which is the style, that your Wedding has to reflect. The best Italian Wedding Photographer is the person whose philosophy matches with yours. He is a very good Professional, careful to details and expert. And at same time is a person, who make you feel comfortable. And why not to involve your Wedding Photographers also in the following cases? Setting up the timeline and eciding the whole style of a wedding.

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What you can get with an Italian wedding photographers

And why not to involve your Wedding Photographers also in the following cases? Setting up the timeline and eciding the whole style of a wedding

The Wedding timeline has a key role for a Wedding. And the Wedding pictures have their own timeline within the organization of the Big Day. Your Destination Wedding Photographer will be more than glad to explain you how it works with the Wedding Photo shoots and to help you organize everything on the best way.

A Wedding in Italy with Your Destination wedding photographer

italian wedding photographer

Apulia wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo - destination wedding photographer Italy

Interviews and communication: if you want to be sure to meet the perfect Wedding Photographer for you, set up interviews and don’t underestimate the power of communication.

Italian Photographers, who do their job well, are ready to talk to the couples and to better know each other. Communication between bride and groom and the Photographer is a key for a successful Wedding.Italy, you know, is one of the most romantic places in the world. Therefore, it is a perfect Wedding destination, where you will have a great Wedding day, that you, your family and your guests will remember forever. Everything is cool and thrilling and you are full of joy and emotion. But…’s time to stop dreaming and to start planning and organizing.

Make sure you put on the top of your list the Wedding Photography. I know, it’s not very easy, among many Italian Photographers, to choose the right one for you.

Nature, History and Traditions


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italian wedding photographer - emiliano russo - destination wedding photographer


italian wedding photographer - emiliano russo - destination wedding photographer