engagement pictures in italy - emiliano russo

Engagement pictures in Italy

engagement pictures in italy - emiliano russo
engagement pictures in italy - emiliano russo

Taking engagament pictures in Italy is not so hard, it’s true. Backdrops and light is marvellous, in spring and autumn overall, yet also in summer when it’s not so humid and sticky.

engagement pictures in italy - emiliano russo
engagement pictures in italy - emiliano russo

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Engagement pictures in Italy

Italy is an amazing Country. The variety of places and locations is stunning and this is offered to all of the couples several opportunities to choose distinctive backdrops and so realize a creative shooting with their Italian engagement photographer.


Engagement pictures in Italy – destination wedding photographer!

Creativity is an important key to reaching a good stotytelling. Couples are aware to find locations that are amazing and sometimes they want to avoid obvious engagement pictures in Italy.

The way to reach high-quality results is surely having a plan first. It’s important to define a specific location and avoid crowds, people all over, and disturbing elements to have a clean picture.

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Most of the time engagement pictures in Italy are shot in heritage places like RomeVeniceFlorenceLake Como, Amalfi Coast, Puglia.

Engagement pictures in Italy

Yet there are so many unique and distinctive places along with the Country that it’s a shame don’t take this ad as a possible option and sometimes as the first option.
Many couples want to discover the authenticity and the real italian life.

In this case, we share a real journey together exploring places and shooting at the same time. It’s in between a tourist experience and a photography session in order to get engagement pictures in Italy.

Destination wedding

Small wedding in Positano


Positano elope on boat

I normally shoot in certain light conditions but where the light is challenging I always find the best solution. I like contrasts between light and shadow and even when the light is harsh is possible to achieve very nice results.

Shooting in nature environment is tricky and exciting at the same time.

What is becoming really fashionable for Italians and also people from overseas are having engagement pictures in Italy in a natural environment. So also the outfit should be in line with this theme and what changes is definitely the final results compared to the most common pictures in the middle of the main heritage town in Italy, very known by any Amalfi Coast wedding photographer.

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