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Wedding in Verona: Celebrate your love story in a romance

Dreaming of a wedding in Verona? A magical blend of Italian charm and romance. Discover picturesque venues, delectable cuisine, and world-class service.

Wedding in Verona: your special day in the city of Romeo and Juliet

Many couples dream of celebrating their dream wedding in Verona: the city of Romeo and Juliet. It is no coincidence that Shakespeare chose Verona as the setting of his most famous and represented tragedy. Verona is, in fact, a fascinating city, romantic and rich in history, which offers fascinating views.

What comes to mind when you mention a wedding in Verona? Certainly, the most famous balcony in Italy, that of Romeo and Juliet, but also the Arena, one of the most famous amphitheaters in Italy, the scene of events and shows of the highest order.

Verona offers a blend of captivating cultural traditions, splendid architecture, and fascinating history, making it an ideal and unique place for couples seeking to wed.

wedding in verona

Allow us to guide you through creating your dream wedding in Verona, the city that inspired Shakespeare’s eternal love story of Romeo and Juliet.

Celebrate your wedding in Verona, the city of love par excellence

Verona’s romantic atmosphere and scenic beauty create a picture-perfect setting for your unforgettable wedding. It’s known as the city of love; Verona’s breathtaking landscapes provide stunning backdrops to capture the essence of romance on your special day.

Imagine exchanging vows overlooking the Adige River with iconic bridges and historic buildings offering an enchanting ambiance.

In addition to these lovely settings, Verona is nestled amidst world-famous vineyards and rolling hills that capture Italy’s quintessential charm. From serene lakeside celebrations to intimate ceremonies beneath medieval archways, every location exudes warmth and allure found only in this captivating city.

Rich History and Culture

Verona, renowned for Romeo and Juliet’s tale, boasts an exquisite blend of history and culture that elevates its appeal as a wedding destination. The city has been inhabited since prehistoric times and served as an essential hub for trade during the Roman period.

One of Verona’s most significant cultural monuments is the Arena di Verona, a first-century Roman amphitheater where concerts and operas are still held today. In addition to its historical landmarks, Verona offers fantastic museums dedicated to art, archaeology, and natural history, among many other fascinating topics.

Couples can explore the city’s unique culture by visiting traditional markets or attending local festivals such as “The Veronetta Flower Festival” or “Vinitaly,” one of Italy’s most prominent wine fairs.

Variety of Wedding Venues

The City of Verona offers the possibility to celebrate the civil ceremony of your Verona wedding in magical and evocative places such as Juliet’s House, the Notary’s Chapel in the Palazzo della Ragione, the Guarienti Room in the Museum of Frescoes and the Tapestry Room in Palazzo Barbieri.



For those seeking an intimate ceremony surrounded by lush greenery, picturesque gardens like Giardino Giusti or romantic parks like Parco delle Colombare offer ideal settings.

Alternatively, couples who want to add a touch of Shakespearean romance can choose Juliet’s House – Casa di Giulietta for their special day.

Regional Cuisine and Wine

Talking about a wedding in Verona Italy, without mentioning the incredible local cuisine and wine would be remiss. The region’s culinary scene is rich and varied, with many dishes that would make perfect additions to your wedding menu.

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Verona is in one of Italy’s most famous wine regions: Veneto. Prosecco, Valpolicella, and Amarone are just a few examples of world-renowned wines from this area.

Whether you’re looking for a sparkling aperitif or full-bodied reds for dinner, plenty of options will be available when planning your Verona wedding celebration.

wedding in verona

Wedding Venues in Verona

Verona boasts a wide range of wedding venues celebrating civil and religious rites. For this reason, many couples choose to get married in Verona, considered the perfect place to celebrate a romantic wedding or elopement.

Casa Di Giulietta (Juliet’s House)

Casa di Giulietta, also known as Juliet’s House, is a popular wedding venue in Verona that draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s love story. The house has a beautiful balcony where Romeo declares his love for Juliet, making it the ideal spot for couples to exchange their wedding vows.

wedding in verona

Inside, the rooms on the top floor are covered by a wooden trefoil ceiling, with coffers painted blue and gold stars. In the garden, always open to the public, stands the bronze statue of Juliet, made by Nereo Costantini, much photographed and “touched.”

Couples can choose between an intimate ceremony on the balcony or holding their reception in the central courtyard of Casa di Giulietta. The location offers a fairy tale setting with its charming architecture and picturesque gardens that make even the most elaborate dreams come true.

Significance Of The Balcony Scene

One of the iconic scenes in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the balcony scene, where the young lovers declare their love for each other amidst starry skies.

Couples can incorporate this romantic tradition into their vows with creative decorations such as rose petals or string lights to set the perfect mood. The scenic beauty of Verona adds to the enchanting atmosphere and creates unforgettable memories.

Castles And Historic Villas

If you’re looking for a Verona wedding venue with timeless elegance and sophistication, consider getting married in one of Verona’s historic castles or villas in Valpolicella. Here are some options to inspire you:

Castello di Montorio

This impressive castle offers breathtaking views of Verona and its surroundings. You can have your ceremony in the courtyard or on the panoramic terrace, followed by a reception in one of the castle’s beautifully decorated halls.

Villa Arvedi

This 17th-century villa is surrounded by lush gardens and vineyards, providing a romantic backdrop for your wedding photos. It has several indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate your ceremony and reception, including a stunning ballroom with frescoed ceilings.

Castelvecchio Museum

If you’re a history buff, consider tying the knot in this imposing medieval fortress-turned-museum. You can exchange vows on the rooftop overlooking Verona’s skyline, then have a cocktail reception in one of the museum’s elegant galleries.

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Villa Mosconi Bertani

This stately villa boasts Renaissance architecture and exquisite interiors adorned with frescoes and antique furnishings. You can say “I do” in the romantic garden or one of the grand halls, then enjoy a gourmet dinner paired with award-winning wines from the estate’s vineyards.

Whatever castle or villa you choose, your Verona wedding will be magical and unforgettable!

Picturesque Gardens and Parks

Verona has many picturesque gardens and parks, offering stunning backdrops for outdoor weddings. One such venue is Giardino Giusti, an Italian Renaissance Garden with impressive terraces and fountains.


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Who dreams of a wedding in Italy should never miss out to be photographed on heritage sites.

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Elopement in Rome


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The garden’s exquisite beauty makes it perfect for couples who want a fairytale-like wedding. Another popular park is the Parco delle Cascate di Molina, which features natural waterfalls that create a serene atmosphere that will make your wedding unforgettable.

Best tips for planning your wedding in Verona Italy

Wedding planning in a foreign country can be overwhelming, but with the help of a wedding planner, you can make your Verona destination wedding a reality.

As a Verona wedding planner, one essential skill is managing time and taking charge of the situation. Verona weddings involve coordinating a wide range of details and vendors, and it’s necessary to have a plan in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Here are some services they can offer:

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  • Consultation: Wedding planners in Verona will start by understanding your requirements and budget for the event.
  • Venue Selection: They will suggest suitable venues that match your preferences and budget. They will also handle negotiations for you.
  • Legal Paperwork Assistance: They will provide information on legal requirements and help with paperwork, including translations.
  • Vendor Coordination: Wedding planners in Verona have established relationships with local vendors and will handle their coordination, including Verona wedding photographers, florists, caterers, musicians, etc.
  • Timeline Management: A wedding planner creates a detailed timeline to keep everything on schedule and ensure all aspects of the event are included.
  • Decor and Design Assistance: From floral arrangements to table settings, Verona’s professional wedding planners can help design every aspect of your special day.
  • Transportation Coordination: Wedding planners in Verona will coordinate transportation between hotels and venues for the bride, groom, and guests.
  • On-site Coordination: On the wedding day, a planner will oversee all activities to ensure everything runs according to plan while relieving a couple of any stress or worry.
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Hiring a professional wedding planner in Verona with an excellent knowledge of Italian culture and language and local vendors’ contacts within your budget range ensures that everything is taken care of while creating unforgettable memories that last forever.

Legal Requirements and Paperwork to get married in Verona

Before tying the knot in Verona, foreign couples must know the legal requirements and paperwork. You should hire a local wedding planner or consultant to assist you with obtaining all necessary documentation.

It includes a certificate of no impediment (Nulla Osta), which proves that you are free to get married, and an affidavit stating your details and intention to marry in Italy.

These documents must be translated into Italian and authenticated by the nearest Italian embassy or consulate. Additionally, the wedding ceremony should take place at least four days after arrival in Italy for non-EU citizens.

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Choosing Local Vendors and Suppliers

Choosing the right vendors and suppliers is essential to planning your destination wedding in Verona. Here is some advice to help you find the best local professionals for your special day:

  • Conduct online research: reading reviews and recommendations from couples previously married in Verona. It will provide insights into the various vendors’ and suppliers service quality.
  • Seek advice from your wedding planner: who can suggest local vendors they have partnered with and have confidence in.
  • Consider the location: Choose vendors based in Verona or nearby to avoid additional travel expenses or logistical issues on your wedding day.
  • Schedule meetings: Meet with potential vendors in person to discuss your needs and ensure you have a good rapport.
  • Review contracts carefully: Before signing any contracts, ensure all services and costs are clearly outlined and discussed.
  • Prioritize quality over price: While sticking to your budget is essential, don’t sacrifice quality for a lower price. Remember that this is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s worth investing in top-notch vendors who will deliver exceptional service.
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Adhering to these guidelines will guarantee that you choose dependable and competent vendors and suppliers who will contribute to your Verona wedding’s success.

Activities for your Verona wedding guests

Make your guests’ experience in Verona unforgettable by planning activities that showcase the city’s food and wine scene, including wine-tasting tours, romantic walks through the city’s historic downtown, day trips to nearby attractions like Lake Garda or Mantua, and exploring the local arts and culture.

Wine Tasting Tours

Verona is renowned for its wines, particularly the Valpolicella and Amarone varieties. A wine-tasting tour is an excellent activity for wine-loving couples to include in your wedding itinerary.

You can visit one of the many vineyards around Verona and sip on some of the finest Italian wines while enjoying picturesque views of the surrounding countryside.

Some wineries also offer tours that provide insights into the traditional methods used to produce these world-renowned wines.

Verona’s romance goes beyond Romeo and Juliet; it extends to local winemakers who create world-class bottles worth discovering during your wedding celebration trip.

Adding a wine tour to your plans will allow you to taste incredible wines and immerse yourself in Italian culture by meeting locals who have perfected their craft over generations.

Romantic Walks in The City

Verona is a city that begs to be explored on foot, especially with your loved one. Here are some of the most romantic strolls around the city that you must not miss during your wedding trip:

  1. Stroll along the Adige River and enjoy the stunning city views from Ponte Pietra.
  2. Wander through Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient Roman forum turned bustling square, where you can peruse local vendors and sip coffee at an outdoor café.
  3. Visit Piazza dei Signori, a picturesque square once home to Verona’s government buildings.
  4. Walk around Castelvecchio, an impressive medieval fortress with a bridge spanning the river.
  5. Explore Giardino Giusti, a beautiful Renaissance-style Garden full of hidden paths and peaceful alcoves.

Each walk provides plenty of opportunities for romantic moments and gorgeous photos that will remind you of your special day for years.

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Day Trips to Nearby Attractions

Verona is a romantic city and an excellent base for exploring Northern Italy’s enchanting countryside. Day trips to attractions such as Venice, Lake Como, or Lake Garda for your wedding guests can add extra excitement and enjoyment to their stay in Verona.

wedding in villa livia appia antica rome
wedding in villa livia appia antica rome
wedding in villa livia appia antica rome
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famous italian photographer - wedding photographer in italy - emiliano russo-wedding in rome - bracciano castle italy

Alternatively, they can venture nearby Lake Garda or Lake Como and explore one of Italy’s largest lakes, known for its stunning scenery and picturesque towns like Sirmione, with hot springs that even ancient Romans enjoyed.

No matter where they choose to go near Verona, your guests will undoubtedly fall in love with the charm and beauty of this region in Italy while celebrating your special day!

Exploring The Local Food Scene

One of the unique aspects of having your wedding in Verona is the chance to indulge in the city’s fantastic food and wine scene. Here are some ideas for food and drink experiences that you and your guests will love:



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Elope in Positano

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An intimate wedding with a vintage car in Praiano. If well organized you can plan the ceremony in Positano and take pictures along the coast and driving a vintage car.

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Give a nice shape to your lucid dreams

Our goal is to redesign the atmosphere of your wedding and give you a unique emotional record of a perfect day.

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For you who love luxury and elegance, refinement, amazingness on such an important day, there is a dream to live with no delay.

  • Traditional Italian Cuisine: Verona has a rich culinary tradition that includes risotto, polenta, and gnocchi. Incorporate some of these regional specialties into your wedding menu for an authentic taste of Italy.
  • Local Markets: Visit one of Verona’s bustling markets to pick up fresh produce, cheese, and charcuterie for a picnic-style reception or brunch the next day.
  • Gelato: A trip to Italy would only be complete with sampling some creamy gelato! Treat your guests to this sweet Italian delicacy from one of Verona’s many gelaterias.
  • Aperitivo Hour: Before dinner, gather with friends and family for an aperitivo hour featuring spritz cocktails (a popular local drink made with prosecco, Aperol or Campari, and soda water) and small bites like olives or bruschetta.

Verona’s food scene is as rich as its history and culture – incorporating it into your special day will create lasting memories!

Fall in love again with a romantic wedding in Verona

In conclusion, Verona offers the perfect combination of history, culture, and romantic ambiance to make your dream wedding a reality. Plenty of unique venues exist, from the iconic Juliet’s House to picturesque gardens and historic castles. Make your wedding day unforgettable by choosing Verona as your destination for love!




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