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Wedding proposal Ravello: This was an amazing day with a nice cople from New York. Gustavo wanted to make an unforgettable surprise to Rachel and make her a wedding proposal. He chose Villa Cimbrone that is on of the most beautiful location for marriage all over Amalfi Coast.

The pictures are a very well composed reportage of a sweet couple. We went to the Belvedere of Villa Cimbrone and Rachel didn’t expect anything o what will happened soon after. Gustavo suddenly asked her to marry him. And you can see by her surprised and happy face what was the reaction. So she saw me and my assistant ready and hided like common tourists. Then we started the shooting, and later we went around the villa in order to get some natural posing pictures.

The light was amazing both on the Belvedere and in all the rest of the villa as it’s possible to see this page where there are all pictures of the shooting.

Gustavo and Rachel moved up from the Belvedere to the gardens. First stop was taken at the magnificient gazebo of the villa where they still had emotionally their eyes so bright. Then they went to the path trought the rose garden while a smooth sunset was going to brighten up the blue sky.

The final part of the shooting was taken before the dinner under the amazing Cripta of the villa.

I postprocees the file both in colour and black and white as rachel required me, as she deelply love black and white.

Ravello in an incredible location for wedding proposal and engagement shooting in general. Even for creative shooting in Amalfi coast as well as wedding proposal Ravello you can book your date just contacting us. You will be suprised by the different options that defitely will match your needs.

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