Enjoy the beauty of the most fashionable Italian island for your wedding in Capri. A wonderful scenery and the incredible weather will be your frame.

Capri needs no introduction; this glamorous island is the chicest location in the south of Italy. Its unique beauties were celebrated in ancient times, like the Phoenicians, followed by the Greek and Romans were the first to be captured by the magnificent natural beauty of this island.

Your charm and intimate wedding in Capri

Weddings in Capri are unique. The island is a set of art made of shiny white houses and narrow medieval alleyways full of flowers hanging from the balconies. Its incredible view, brilliant blue waters and romantic walks make it a perfect location for your wedding in Capri. As Capri wedding photographers.

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So, wedding in Capri is the perfect choice if you are dreaming of a glamorous seaside event for your Capri Italy wedding day. Have you chosen to get married in Italy? Wonderful, you will have an unforgettable wedding in Capri Italy!

The picturesque streets of Capri are a dream to stroll down, lined with outdoor cafés and fine boutiques. The lush vegetation and incredible blue sea make it the ideal setting for a luxury wedding Capri Italy and honeymoon.

The air is filled with the sweet scent of lemons, as flowers adorn the facades of the buildings at every turn. You will want to explore the famous square “Piazzetta”, which is not so far from the harbor and the even higher Anacapri located at the very highest point.


Anacapri is our favorite place on the island; private and removed from the hustle and bustle, it is the perfect destination for a honeymoonor Capri luxury wedding. Therefore, many international superstars and VIP come to Anacapri to get married or spend their holidays. Exclusive wedding Capri are the standard in this island and the most authentic Italian style is enjoyable everywhere. A wedding Capri Italy promises soaring views over glistening waters and arrivals by boat, around stunning sea caves and dazzling cliffs.

Wedding in Capri - emiliano russo

Wedding in Capri: get married whit Italian style!

Catholic weddings are performed only for locals or Italian citizens.

Protestant and symbolic weddings are possible also outdoors, enjoying the amazing panoramic views and in gardens of private villas or luxury hotels.

As best wedding photographers in Italy, we strongly recommend a wedding in Capri if you want to be captured by the splendor of one of the most incredible islands of the world also with the help of a Capri wedding planner.

But where to start to create an exclusive wedding in Capri Italy? From the wedding ceremony, of course. Wedding ceremonies in Capri can be civil, protestant and symbolic.

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For traditional spouses who wish to celebrate the Capri wedding rite in church, the island of Capri Italy is full of churches. In addition to the more famous Cathedral of Saint Stephen, which is located in the main square, there are other beautiful and evocative religious buildings such as the Church of Saint Sophie or the Saint Michael the Archangel, just to name a few. Yet, for couples who want to celebrate the Protestant ceremony in Capri, as personal photographer Capri, we suggest the small German Evangelical Church.

As far as the symbolic ceremony is concerned, an exclusive wedding in Capri Italy can be celebrate in every place on the island: a boat off the sea with the scenery of the Faraglioni, a private garden or a terrace with a spectacular view overlooking the sea.

Capri wedding planner - emiliano russo
Local photographer Capri for luxury weddings - emiliano russo
Capri wedding planner - emiliano russo

If you are interested in a civil ceremony, the most classic place where to celebrate your Capri wedding is the Town Hall located in the famous Piazzetta.

Capri wedding planner - emiliano russo
Capri wedding planner - emiliano russo
Capri wedding planner - emiliano russo


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Barbara Bertini wedding planner is an experienced Company based in Florence and working all over Italy and in Capri and Amalfi Coast most of the time.

A perfect choice for weddings in Capri. Sweet personality and a great professionist for years. Her weddings are always classy and timeless.

Linda works with a strong intensity and creativity. She designs and plans wedding all over Italy and also in Capri and Amalfi. Definitely for refined couples.

If you are interested in a civil ceremony, the most classic place where to celebrate your Capri wedding is the Town Hall located in the famous Piazzetta.

Celebrate your luxury wedding Capri Italy in the most exclusive venues of the island

Let us spoil you with the choice of gorgeous Capri wedding venues that have unbeatable views. As destination wedding photographer, we have carefully selected the most beautiful locations on the island able to accommodate every request.

Also, we suggest hiring an Amalfi Coast wedding planner, that will help you to arrange the ceremony and reception of your exclusive wedding in Capri.


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  • Capri Palace: Located in the heart of Anacapri, in this venue you will live the extra luxury experience. For luxury weddings Capri and events with more than 120 guests, Capri Palace is our go-to recommended venue. It is perfect for creating different experiences as guests move along the event journey, constantly surprised and entertained.

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  • Villa Lyris: The wonderful residence dedicated to "Love and Pain" built by Count Fersen in honor of his beloved could be an exclusive location for the celebration of a civil or symbolic ceremony for weddings in Capri, surrounded by the majesty of the surrounding landscape.
  • J.K. Place Capri: The comfort of feeling at home, surrounded by precious details has been the key philosophy of J.K. Place Capri, the luxury of discreet elegance and guest service has made this incredible hotel where well-being meets luxury-resort getaway with spectacular coastline experience and inspiration. Designed by Michele Bonan, a Florentine architect and interior designer, the property reminds us of a luxurious standalone villa, chic yet intimate.

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  • Caesar Augustus: The beauty of a villa suspended between the sea and sky surrounding Capri.
    The luxury of a 5 stars hotel is designed to look and feel just like your own beautiful island home.
    The privacy is guaranteed by the secluded location, on the cliff edge, 300 meters above the sea.

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Consider the Amalfi Coast as an alternative to a wedding in Capri Italy

Sun, beach, perfectly colored umbrellas, and delicious food. This is the Amalfi Coast. And who wouldn’t want to get married at a destination that brings pure happiness? As Amalfi photographers, we firmly believe that villages like Positano or Ravello are the perfect wedding destinations for couples who love the water and would like to share that love with their friends and family.

A wedding in Capri or Amalfi Coast will surely be a unique and unforgettable moment if lived with love and passion!