florence wedding photographer italy - emiliano russo

Florence wedding photographer Italy

florence wedding photographer italy - emiliano russo
florence wedding photographer italy - emiliano russo

Florence Italy Photography is fun, elegance, timeless atmosphere, stunning views. Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce and other nice spots wait for you

florence wedding photographer italy - emiliano russo
florence wedding photographer italy - emiliano russo

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Florence Italy Photography: Ask your Italian Wedding Photographer

It’s not difficult to get amazing pictures in Tuscany. Everything is beautiful and full of a great atmosphere. Put it simply, Florence is usually the first choice for the couples coming from abroad, who want to celebrate their wedding in Italy. Because Florence is simply gorgeous! It is the birthplace of the Renaissance and, with all its art and wonderful corners and views, Florence Italy Photography is just fun and an incredible experience.

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Florence Italy Photography: favorite spots in Florence

Most of these spots are renowned and couples, tourists, and people coming from abroad have read about them many times in books or have seen them millions of times, watching tv and movies. However, visiting and seeing these places in person makes a very different impression. They are enchanting, amazing, gorgeous.

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There are not enough words to describe them. Therefore, I like so much Florence Italy Photography: every time I capture with my camera different parts of these spots, I’m always overwhelmed by special feelings and emotions. As a Destination Wedding photographer in Italy, I’m really lucky, to have the opportunity to profit from all this beauty. Here are the places, that I like the most for my photoshoots:

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  • Ponte Vecchio: a pride for Florence Italy Photography. Very busy during the day, perfect for Wedding pictures at sunrise. The atmosphere here is timeless and the lights, that reflects in the Arno River give an additional magic touch.
  • Piazzale Michelangelo: this famous terrace sits high on a hill and the view from here is magnificent. The feeling is to dominate whole Florence, with the Duomo rising high above the town
  • Santa Croce: it’s a special place, not only because everybody looking at the Cathedral remains speechless, but because everything in this Piazza recalls the ancient times, the figure of Michelangelo (his tomb is here) and many great artists of the past.

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If you are planning to crown your dream in Florence, ask your Florence Wedding Photographer to guide you through the city and you’ll come back home with stunning pictures and memories. Florence Italy Photography rocks!

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As a Florence wedding photographer what I always want to offer my clients is a true memory, lasting and intense.  I want my pictures to provide you with emotions every single time whenever you look at them, to make your special day look wonderful and alive. I love creating empathy with married couples to accomplish mutual trust since to make breath-taking pictures, I require feeling free to experiment.

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