As experienced Italian wedding photographers who have worked with numerous couples throughout the years, we have witnessed firsthand the overwhelming and stressful nature of the wedding planning process. There are so many details to consider, from choosing the perfect Cortona wedding venue to selecting the right vendors, that it's easy to feel lost and unsure of where even to start.

That's why we always recommend that couples consider hiring a Cortona wedding planner to help them bring their dream wedding to life.

In this article, we'll be sharing our insights and advice on why a wedding planner in Cortona is so beneficial, what makes Cortona an ideal wedding destination, the services offered by Cortona wedding planners in the area, how to choose the best wedding planner Cortona for you, and my top recommendations.

The key benefits of hiring a Cortona Wedding Planner

The benefits of hiring a Cortona wedding planner are many, and when it comes to planning a wedding in Cortona, these benefits are even more pronounced.

Wedding planners in Cortona have access to local knowledge and expertise, which can save you a lot of time and money. Italian wedding planning can be complex and unfamiliar to those planning a wedding from a different country. However, a wedding planner in Italy can be beneficial in guiding you through the process and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Access to Local Knowledge

Cortona is a small town in the Tuscan region of Italy, and while it's a popular wedding destination, it's less well-known than some of the bigger cities like Rome or Florence. A wedding planner based in Cortona will deeply understand the local area, including the best venues, vendors, and other resources. They can also help you with logistical details like transportation, accommodations, and legal requirements.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Planning a wedding is time-consuming and often expensive, but a wedding planner Cortona Tuscany can help you save time and money. They have established relationships with vendors and can negotiate better prices on your behalf. They can also help you stay within your budget by recommending cost-effective options that meet your needs and preferences.

Stress-Free Planning Process

The planning process is a significant source of stress for many couples, but a Cortona Tuscany wedding planner can help alleviate that stress. They can handle the logistical details and provide regular updates, so you always know what's happening. They can also be a sounding board for your ideas and concerns, helping you make decisions and providing support.

Professional Vendor Recommendations

A wedding planner in Cortona has likely worked with many vendors in the area and can recommend the best options for your wedding. From photographers like caterers and us to florists and musicians, they can help you find the right professionals to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Creative Ideas and Inspiration

Finally, a wedding planner Cortona, can bring fresh and creative ideas to the table, helping you create a wedding that truly reflects your personality and style. They can suggest unique venues, decorations, and other details make your wedding stand out.

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Why Choose Cortona as Your Wedding Destination?

Cortona is an ideal wedding destination for many reasons. For one, it's a picturesque and romantic town with beautiful views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside. It's also a town with a rich history and culture, many historical landmarks and museums to explore.

As Cortona wedding photographers, we’re excited to share some insider tips on the best places to see in Cortona and how to make the most of your wedding experience.

First and foremost, we highly recommend exploring the historical center of Cortona. The best place to start is at Piazza Garibaldi, where you can take in the breathtaking views from the belvedere. From here, it's just a short walk to the most picturesque square in town: Piazza Della Repubblica.

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Piazza Della Repubblica is home to some of the most impressive buildings in Cortona, including the Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo (also known as Palazzo Passerini). The Palazzo Comunale is a popular wedding venue for couples seeking a civil ceremony.

As you stroll through the town, stop at Piazza Signorelli, named after the famous painter Luca Signorelli from Cortona. Here, you'll find the Signorelli Theater and Palazzo Casali, which houses the Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the City of Cortona, Historical Archives, and Municipal Library.

From there, head down Via Casali to Piazza Duomo, where you'll find the Cathedral of Cortona. This Romanesque-style church is the perfect setting for couples seeking a religious wedding ceremony.

One of the best things about Cortona is that it's a small village perfect for exploring on foot. So, take your time and enjoy the local culture at a slower pace. For a change of scenery, take a brief trip to the nearby Umbria or visit the Amalfi Coast if you're feeling adventurous.

Of course, we can only talk about Tuscany by mentioning the fantastic cuisine, which features fresh local ingredients and classic Italian flavors. In Cortona, you can sample some of the world's most famous wines and the Tuscan steak par excellence: the Chianina. Your taste buds will thank you!

All of these unique experiences can be made possible by the expertise of Cortona wedding planners. They can help you create your dream wedding that will satisfy you and your guests completely.

What services a Cortona wedding planner can offer

Cortona wedding planners offer various services to meet your needs and preferences. Some planners offer full-service planning, which includes everything from venue selection and vendor management to event design and coordination. Others may offer partial planning services, focusing on specific aspects of the wedding planning process. Some standard services provided by Cortona wedding planners include:

Venue Selection

Choosing the right venue is one of the most important decisions when planning your wedding. Cortona wedding planners can help you find the perfect location, whether you're looking for a rustic farmhouse, a historic villa, or a modern event space.

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Vendor Management

A wedding planner can handle all the vendor management for your wedding, from selecting the right caterer and florist to booking the perfect photographer and band. They can conduct negotiations, contracts, and logistics, ensuring everything runs smoothly on your big day.

Event Design

If you need help determining where to begin with your wedding design, a wedding planner in Cortona can offer their expertise and guidance. They can work with you to create a cohesive and personalized theme for your wedding and bring that vision to life with the right decor, lighting, and other design elements.

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On your wedding day, a planner will be there to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They can manage the schedule, coordinate with vendors and staff, and handle unexpected issues, so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

How to choose the Right Cortona Wedding Planner for You

Choosing the right Cortona wedding planner is crucial to ensuring your wedding day is everything you've dreamed of. Below are some key aspects to consider when making your decision:

  • EXPERIENCE: Look for a wedding planner with a proven track record of successful events in Cortona. Request references and check online reviews to ensure their professional and outstanding reputation.
  • PERSONALITY: Your Cortona wedding planner will be a key partner throughout the planning process, so choosing someone whose personality and communication style mesh well with your own is important. Schedule an initial consultation to get a feel for their approach and ensure you feel comfortable working with them.
  • SERVICES OFFERED: Consider what services you need from a wedding planner in Cortona and choose one who offers the right support for your needs. Some planners specialize in full-service planning, while others focus on specific aspects of the wedding planning process.
  • BUDGET: Finally, consider the cost of hiring a wedding planner Cortona Tuscany and ensure that it fits within your budget. Choosing a wedding planner who offers transparent pricing and a clear understanding of what is included in their services is important if you want to save money in the long run.


Your choice of Cortona wedding planner can significantly impact the success of your special day. When deciding, it's essential to consider their experience, personality, services offered, and budget. By researching and selecting a planner with a proven track record, that meshes well with your communication style, provides the right level of support, and fits within your budget, you can have peace of mind knowing that your wedding day will be everything you've dreamed of and more.

The Cortona wedding planner can help you coordinate the religious ceremony

Two churches in the city of Cortona celebrate Catholic ceremonies. One is the romantic little 15th-century Chapel of St. Nicholas, located a short walk from the city center, and the other is the Renaissance Church of Santa Maria Nuova, not so far from the center, suitable for large groups of guests. Depending on the number of guests present, the wedding planner Cortona can organize a small ceremony with close family and friends or a traditional religious ceremony.

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Why is a Tuscany Wedding a special experience? First of all, because Tuscany has a lot to offer: beach, hills, sea, mountains, fabulous cities, culture, ancient atmosphere, delicious food, elegance. When I have been hired to be a Wedding Photographer Tuscany, I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate all the special features of a Tuscan-Style Wedding.

Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo

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Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo
Tuscany wedding photographer - Emiliano Russo


The Cortona wedding planner can help you coordinate the religious ceremony, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that your special day is significant and memorable. Here are a few tips on how the wedding planner in Cortona can help you with the religious ceremony:

Assist with paperwork and documentation

The wedding planner in Cortona can help you to navigate the paperwork and documentation required for a religious ceremony in Cortona. They can guide the documents needed, assist with translating and legalizing papers, and ensure that everything is for the ceremony.

Coordinate with the religious officiant

The Cortona wedding planner can work with the religious officiant to coordinate the details of the ceremony, including the timing, location, and any special requests or customs. They can also help ensure the religious denomination's rules and regulations conduct the ceremony.

Assist with rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

The wedding planner in Cortona Tuscany can help with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner by coordinating logistics and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. They can also guide any traditions or customs associated with the rehearsal dinner.

Help with the ceremony decor and details

The wedding planner Cortona can help with the set and details of the ceremony, such as the altar, flowers, and music. They can work with you to create a meaningful ceremony that reflects your style and preferences.

Overall, the wedding planner in Cortona and the religious ceremony are two critical elements to consider when planning your wedding in Cortona. The wedding planner can provide valuable assistance with the paperwork and documentation, coordination with the religious officiant, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and decor and details of the ceremony, ensuring that your special day is significant and memorable.

The best Cortona wedding venues for a religious ceremony


The Church of San Niccolò is famous for the columns of its beautiful portico and the rows of cypress trees. The interior is refined and intimate, embellished with paintings and wonderful wooden coffered ceilings. This church can accommodate a maximum of 20/25 people and is easily accessible on foot, allowing you to enjoy your wedding in Cortona by walking through the alleys. At the same time, the wedding planner Cortona Tuscany will take care of the organization impeccably.


The Church of Santa Maria Nuova is one of the most famous churches in Tuscany. They built it on an ancient Roman temple's remains outside Cortona's city walls. It is a unique piece of Italian history with a square plan surmounted by a large dome overlooking the valley. If you want a special religious rite, ask the best wedding planner Cortona to book this church for your religious ceremony.

The best wedding planner Cortona can also organize a wedding with civil rites

Suppose you are planning a wedding in Cortona and are considering a civil ceremony. In that case, working with a Cortona wedding planner with experience and expertise in this area is vital. A skilled wedding planner can help you to navigate the paperwork and documentation required, coordinate with the civil officiant, and assist with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. They can also help with the decor and details of the ceremony, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that your special day is truly memorable and stress-free.

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wedding in villa livia appia antica rome
wedding in villa livia appia antica rome


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The town of Cortona offers a perfect setting for those who wish to experience the entire event in the same place. A Cortona wedding planner can organize your civil ceremony in the Cortona town hall wedding, followed by cocktails on the main square and a wedding reception in one of the town's typical restaurants, all within walking distance, including accommodation.

Cortona wedding venues for a civil ceremony

Today Cortona retains its new style and is the town Cortona wedding planners recommend to those imagining a beautiful medieval setting for their civil wedding. Moreover, Cortona is easily accessible, and numerous Cortona wedding venues are available for receptions in the surrounding countryside.

The Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo, which stands in the picturesque Piazza Della Repubblica, is where civil weddings are celebrated in Cortona. For centuries, Cortona town hall has fascinated couples as a wedding hall. Its interior has beautiful gothic-style furniture, two medieval chandeliers, and an authentic ancient stone fireplace.

How can we Collaborate with the Cortona Wedding Planner

As Tuscany wedding photographers who have worked with many couples in Cortona, we know how important it is to have a trusted wedding planner by your side. Although planning a wedding can be overwhelming, with the assistance of the right Cortona wedding planner, you can relax and enjoy your big day without any worries. So, how can we, as wedding photographers collaborate with your Cortona wedding planner? Let us tell you.

Communication is key

We need to establish a solid line of communication with your wedding planner from the get-go. It ensures everyone is on the same page, and we can work together to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Planning your wedding timeline

Once we've established a communication channel, we must plan your timeline together. As wedding photographers, we know the importance of ample time for photos, and your wedding planner Cortona can help us ensure we have enough time for portraits and other essential shots.


Additionally, your wedding planner in Cortona can help us with logistics. They can assist in coordinating vendors, ensuring that we have enough time and space for photographs, and even scouting locations for the perfect shot.

Of course, as a destination wedding photographer, our ultimate goal is to capture your love story authentically and beautifully. By working closely with your Cortona wedding planner, we can ensure that every detail is correct, from the lighting to the location and timing.

Let’s Create a Magical Wedding Day with the Help of a Cortona Wedding Planner

As you near your special day, the decision to enlist a wedding planner in Cortona can make a monumental difference in your wedding planning journey. With their seasoned expertise and experience, these professionals can transform your vision into an unforgettable occasion. The role of the Cortona wedding planner extends beyond mere coordination of vendors and logistics. They ensure your day reflects your unique style, with a personalized touch to make it truly magical.

For those planning their wedding, consider the invaluable benefits of hiring a wedding planner in Cortona. Research and find a planner who understands your vision and is enthusiastic about working with you to create the perfect day. The wedding planner can be your anchor throughout the planning process, ensuring your event runs smoothly and effortlessly.


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Your wedding day is the pinnacle of your relationship, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to share with your loved ones. You deserve to savor every single moment of it without the stress of coordinating and executing every detail. By enlisting a wedding planner in Cortona, you can focus on cherishing the moment and taking in the day's beauty with your partner, friends, and family.

Take a leap of faith today and entrust the planning of your dream wedding to a wedding planner in Cortona. With their expertise and your vision, you can create an extraordinary event that reflects your unique style, personality, and love story. Celebrate the love of a lifetime, be surrounded by those that matter most, and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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