There is no successful marriage without the best wedding planner in Rome. Specialized wedding ceremonies everywhere in Italy and unique events

There is no successful marriage without valid help from the best wedding planner in Rome. This professional figure, now widespread all over the world, has the task of planning the wedding. Today more and more couples are choosing to involve professionals in the sector to better organize their destination wedding in Rome.

The best wedding planner in Rome can make it easy!

What you can get from a reliable and professional wedding planner in Amalfi Coast? Flexibility and kindeness in planning your wedding from the very first contact. Site inspection of venues based on your requests and not for their advantages.

Professional budget plan with updates with each purchase.

Best wedding planner in Rome

In weddings you only go on stage once and everything must be organized down to the smallest detail. Because Italy offers a very wide choice in terms of wonderful locations for romantic Italian weddings, it is important to get the support of the best Rome wedding planner. The best wedding planner in Rome is a professional who can be defined as the creative and architect of your wedding, but also the best friend of the married couple. Their job is to help achieve the perfect wedding in Rome and they play a fundamental role in: Search for the right location where to celebrate the wedding reception; Study and creation of the mood of the event; Search for the most suitable vendors.


In addition to these technical tasks, the Rome wedding planner comforts the couple and supports them in moments of high peak of tension and stress. The choice of the best Rome wedding planner to whom to entrust the organization of weddings depends on one's own needs, also and above all budget and it is not a simple thing. An affinity must be created between the spouses and the wedding planner Rome Italy since taste and sensitivity are fundamental in this work.

Best wedding planner in Rome

Who is the best wedding planner in Rome?

For this reason, the first factor to consider is professionalism, since those who organize the wedding must continuously inform the spouses to accompany them on the most beautiful day. Establishing an affinity is fundamental, since the best Rome wedding planner is not always suitable for the needs of the couple. The best wedding planner Rome realizes the couple's wishes within the budget and helps not to lose sight of the important goals of the wedding.

Not only that: a professional wedding planner listen and understands the couple, to manage the preparations without stress and in their work, they know how to recommend the most suitable solutions, respecting the needs of the spouses and the budget.

How to choose the best wedding planner in Rome Italy?

Best wedding planner in Rome

The wedding planner in Rome Italy is responsible for coordinating the various vendors involved in organizing the wedding, for a fabulous day. The true professional wedding planner in Rome Italy shows enthusiasm for what they do and have ambition and love for the profession. These are characteristics to be found from the first meeting and which make it clear how organizing weddings is not a job, but a real passion. If you find these qualities, then it is the perfect person to make your dreams come true.

Best wedding planner in Rome
Best wedding planner in Rome

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Barbara Bertini wedding planner is an experienced Company based in Florence and working all over Italy and in Rome and Lake Como most of the time.

A perfect choice for weddings in Rome and Sweet personality and a great professionist for years. Her weddings are always classy and timeless.

Linda works with a strong intensity and creativity. She designs and plans wedding all over Italy and also in Rome and Tuscany. Definitely for refined couples.

Wedding planner in Rome has always passion for their work

Those who organize weddings must know how to satisfy the needs of the couple and if the ideas of the wedding planner are in conflict with those of the spouses, it will certainly be complex to plan the wedding day. As destination wedding photographer as well as Rome wedding photographer, our advice is to choose the best wedding planner in Rome Italy that reflects your personality and the idea of ​​the style to be given at the reception, without worrying about being a little fussy.

The true experts in weddings are patient and their patience and understanding confirm their professionalism. The best Rome wedding planner is able to accompany every couple through the various stages of the wedding.

Destination wedding

Wedding at Villa Livia

Destination wedding

Jewish wedding in Rome

Destination wedding

Jewish wedding in Rome

Destination wedding

Jewish Weddings in Italy

A quality of the best Rome wedding planner? Patience, patience, patience

As mentioned, more and more couples who want to getting married in Rome, are choosing to rely on the best Rome wedding planner, to plan the wedding in every detail. Whatever you need, you can count on this figure, which allows you to avoid the typical mistakes of the do-it-yourself wedding organization. Even during the most beautiful day of your life, the Rome wedding planner is always at your side to help you enjoy the moment and relax.

Not only that: given that a wedding cannot be improvised, its management requires a lot of time and a specialist to accompany the couple until the wedding day. The best wedding planner Rome must really be an expert in wedding organization and the tasks entrusted are so many: like contacting all the vendors or booking the wedding venue and so on. 

Best wedding planner in Rome

The figures involved in the wedding organization are really many and it is impossible to count them all. Catering workers, set-up workers, florists, wedding favor makers, tailors, hairdressers… as you can see, it is impossible to contact them all by yourself. The secret to planning your wedding in the best way is to rely on a professional with a long list of acquaintances, who will always be able to point you to the best expert in his field and involve him in the wedding preparations. All this takes place with the collaboration and approval of the spouses, but relying a best wedding planner Rome Italy means saving time during the preparations and being able to count on those who already know the best suppliers in the city.

Best wedding planner in Rome

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Photographer in Rome Italy

Best wedding planner in Rome
Best wedding planner in Rome

If the person who organizes your wedding shows up late for the event, then they are not the person you are looking for.

Punctuality and accuracy are characteristics that tell the professionalism of the best Rome wedding planner and that represent the best business card.

Those involved in organizing events know very well how meeting deadlines is essential. You do not want to risk that something is missing on the wedding day, there are unexpected events and delays or inconveniences occur?

Trust your wedding photographer in rome

Best wedding planner in Rome


The best wedding planner in Rome Italy has high problem-solving skills

In the organization of the wedding, inconveniences can occur, especially if the suppliers are many and different. Imagine a sudden downpour on your wedding day, late flower delivery and more. In these cases, those involved in organizing weddings will have to remain lucid and find solutions in order to respond to every problem. Strong problem solving is the winning feature of the best Rome wedding planning.

It's one of the most important agency that made the history of the wedding planning in Italy and is always capable to stay "cutting edge", updated with new styles.

Creativity plays a fundamental role for the wedding planner in Rome

Those who organize weddings in Rome must have creativity and artistic sensitivity. These are characteristics that are not learned from books but are innate. Most married couples choose a wedding style and theme and expect the ideas to be translated with good taste by the wedding coordinator.

The advice is to have examples of the Rome Italy wedding planner works shown in order to understand the aesthetics and stylistic imprint and identify the kind of reception that is most suitable for you.

For example, if you want your wedding to be memorable and live a fairy-tale, why don’t you organize an Italian castle wedding? In Rome is possible and the memories will last a lifetime!

Unique intimate elopements in Italy

An intimate and private wedding in Positano. Find out how to make your elopement in Italy unforgettable with wonderful photos and unique details on breathtaking views.

An intimate wedding with a vintage car in Praiano. If well organized you can plan the ceremony in Positano and take pictures along the coast and driving a vintage car.

Our goal is to redesign the atmosphere of your wedding and give you a unique emotional record of a perfect day.

For you who love luxury and elegance, refinement, amazingness on such an important day, there is a dream to live with no delay.

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Best Rome wedding planner: Enjoy the rest of Italy after your wedding

The varied and beautiful country of Italy, rich in culture, history and delicious food is one of the most romantic places we can think of for a dreamy honeymoon or elopement in Italy. No need to tell you how many amazing destinations you can find in Italy.

Wedding venues we love as wedding photographer in Rome

villa aurelia weddings

bracciano castle weddings

la posta vecchia weddings

Enjoy the private villas and the magic of La Posta Vecchia with the historical sites and amazing sky at the sunsent. We are ready for your wedding in Rome.

Check out our page dedicated to weddings in Villa Aurelia where I often work as photographer. Chose your package and get in contact with my customer service.

Maybe you love more the spectacular view on the Bracciano Lake at the sunset. Disclose the packages we have for Bracciano Castle weddings

You will be spoiled for choice: the charm of the most famous Italian art cities, for a romantic elopement or honeymoon in Florence or in Amalfi Coast. Also, as Umbria photographers, we suggest this region for the couples who love rustic countryside for an intimate elopement.

If you would like to learn more about our extra wedding photography services or Amalfi Coast wedding planner packages, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and help you create your special day.