Nicki Storey Makeup artist
Nicki Storey Makeup artist

Nicki Storey makeup artist

Nicki is a makeup artist who I often work with. Makeup artists effetort are precious for any photographer. The Nicki’s work is amazing and she really is able to enhance the beauty of any bride, no matter skin tone type.


Interview with a makeup artist in Positano

The following interview discloses some interesting sides of  Nicki Storey and will introduce you to a professional who may be a meaningful part of your marriage.

When, how, and why did you start your job as a makeup artist?

I trained as a television makeup artist in London in the mid-1990s. I grew up in TV studios as my parents both worked in the industry and I was always drawn to the makeup room!

where do you work? Tell us the main destinations where you love to work as a makeup artist.

I now work mainly as a wedding artist around the Amalfi Coast, mainly in Positano.

How do you deal with demanding customers?

If I have a demanding customer I just make them explain exactly what they want and try to be as calm and friendly as possible. Wedding days can be stressful and it is part of my job to keep people calm and happy.

Nicki Storey: In love with weddings

What do you like most about your job?

I love the beauty of each wedding day. To get to work in the most beautiful locations, surrounded by pretty dresses and amazing flower displays is pretty special!

What do you dislike about your job? 

The worst thing about my job? I normally work through the lunch hours and end up starving hungry by the end of the session!

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Nicki Storey: get on well with photographers

How do you deal with photographers?

Photographers are usually respectful of the space and light I need, If not I will calmly explain I need the shutters open so I can see what I am doing and that I cannot do eyeliner if they are bumping into me!

How do you deal with wedding planners? Aren’t they too demanding in terms of timing?

I was television trained, so I am a fast worker. Wedding planners usually ask me how much time I need per person. We plan the timetable together and I always add an extra half hour to the timing just in case.

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