Pink dreamy wedding in Ravello

One of the best ever taken dreamy wedding in Ravello with a pinky palette inside an intense, amazing and atmosphere in the divine Amalfi Coast. RAVELLO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo
dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo
dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo

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Holly is the author of the following dreamy wedding in Ravello

When I woke up on our wedding day I was filled with a wave of happiness and excitement. The man that I had been in love with for almost 10 years, was on that day, officially going to become my husband.

How the beauty of Ravello cherishes feelings

I spent a moment by myself, capturing my own thoughts and gazing out over the glistening Amalfi Coastline reflecting on how truly lucky and grateful I felt. The morning ran smoothly, and I felt relaxed drinking champagne and eating Italian pastries whilst getting my hair and makeup prepped with my bridesmaids. Different family members arrived during the morning and the opportunity arose to have fun and meaningful photographs taken with the backdrop of the dramatic views.

The preparation for a dreamy and timeless wedding in Ravello

The atmosphere in the suite was full of laughter and joy and I attribute this to the skill of Emiliano, our fabulous photographer who knew exactly how to put everyone at ease and how to interact with all of my friends and family.

My favorite photograph from the morning of the wedding is captured when my Father popped the cork of a champagne bottle. The room came alive as the cork smashed into the ceiling and champagne was poured into our glasses. This is a memory I will always treasure, as one of the last moments I spent with my Father alone before being married, doing what we do best, drinking champagne.

The arrival at Palazzo Confalone in Ravello

It was finally time to enter the gardens of Palazzo Confalone and my heart stopped when I saw the setting for the first time. The floral arrangement hanging from the pergola was a perfect frame to the vastness of the sea. It was set as a fairytale. I could not contain how delighted I was, and I felt like I was beaming with happiness like sparks of fire were flying out of me.

During the ceremony, I felt like the whole world melted away. As our celebrant spoke our chosen words to us, all I could think to do was gaze into my soon-to-be husband’s eyes. Our celebrant followed our personal promises and vows with the following words:

‘May you love deeply, laugh heartily, practice patience, and smile often. 

May you dream together, grow together and experience all life’s wonders together.

May you give, give in, and trust enough to take. 

May you see many sunrises, listen to the rain, savor special moments and rediscover each other over and over. 

May you have health, wisdom, serenity, and joy, a home that is a haven, a family bound by togetherness, and a lifetime rich in excitement and contentment.’

When the time came to be pronounced finally as husband and wife, I cannot describe how euphoric and overwhelmed I felt at that moment. When my then-husband wrapped his arms around me, I felt safe, warm and like nothing would ever be able to harm us. It felt like magic.

dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo
dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo
dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo

I'm conscious to have a dinstictive style, but I also know that every wedding is unique.

I like personalizing my services, yet I always want to deliver quality to my clients.

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dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo
dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo

Cocktail time at Palazzo Confalone – Ravello

When the ceremony ended my husband, and I were able to spend time exploring Ravello as a newlywed couple. This time is so special to us as it finally let the excitement and anticipation of the day sink in.

There is a particular moment when I cannot contain my tears of joy and my husband picks me up and spins me around.

My veil wraps around his body and I felt like a true princess. I am unable to explain our gratitude for the pure skill, professionalism, and kindness shown in the sensitivity in Emiliano’s work.


dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo
dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo
dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo

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Not only was Emiliano able to show us the most perfect locations to shoot in in Ravello, with the most stunning backdrops which are, of course, to die for, but his eye for detail is next to none.

dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo

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Emiliano Russo

He is a true artist and a gentleman. When taking the photographs Emiliano moved with such grace.

We honestly felt like we were able to embrace being a married couple, being completely overwhelmed in the experience, whilst still having this moment captured on camera.

dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo

if you like my pictures then we surely have something in common, something deep in yourself that I can see.

dreamy wedding in ravello - emiliano russo


Following our time in Ravello, we joined the wedding party again for our reception in Torre Normanna by the stunning Amalfi sea.

Here we enjoyed gorgeous food, wine, and laughter. We felt so relaxed to finally be a married couple.

As the night descended upon us, we moved to the top of the tower for the cutting of our cake and were surprised by a show of fireworks.

A very dear friend told me at the time that this represented our luck changing.

I hold this very dear to my heart and I now have a photograph of the fireworks hanging in our home to remind me of the magic of our day.

emiliano russo

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