Photographer luxury boat tour in Amalfi and Positano

Luxury boat tour Amalfi emiliano russo

Another way to enjoy Amalfi: a luxury boat tour Amalfi. Adventure, relax and the opportunity to amaze your partner during Holidays or for a special occasion

Luxury boat tour Amalfi emiliano russo
Luxury boat tour Amalfi emiliano russo

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Luxury boat tour Amalfi

Seeing a beautiful coast by boat is a memorable experience! So, if you are on Holiday in Amalfi, or if you are celebrating here a special anniversary or preparing your Wedding celebrations with an Amalfi wedding photographer, make sure not to miss out on a luxury boat tour Amalfi. You don’t need to own a yacht to enjoy from the sea the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Ask for example the staff of the Hotel, where you are staying. Or contact dedicated agencies or even your Photographer AmalfiThey can all show you different options for a luxury boat tour Amalfi.

Traveling by boat: adventure and relax

Things are different when you look at them from different perspectives. And when you are on a luxury boat tour of Amalfi you can spot wildlife and admire monuments, houses, and towns in a brand-new way.

Luxury boat tour Amalfi

Traveling by boat fulfills your desire for adventure and at the same time it’s incredibly relaxing. During a luxury boat tour of Amalfi, a luxury cruise service will accompany you.

A luxury boat tour Amalfi: what a surprise for your beloved

The agencies and the teams, who organize the luxury boat tour Amalfi, have a wide experience in customizing your elopement tour. So, don’t hesitate to ask, if you want to organize a surprise for a special occasion. A luxury boat tour of Amalfi can turn into a very romantic experience. Add some candles, some flowers, and some phantasy to your boat tour…and your beloved will never forget this time spent together on the Amalfi Coast.

You will have your own private skipper and you can ask for a multilingual hostess as well.  The skipper will be more than glad to stop the boat in your favorite spot. What an occasion to swim in the Amalfi’s blue sea! Or open a bottle of Prosecco and enjoy bubbles, while sunbathing.  Check my portfolio on weddings abrod guide.

Luxury boat tour Positano

The Amalfi Coast is a romantic paradise. It is a renowned Wedding Destination and the ideal place for astonishing marriage proposals too.

Positano, set in a dramatic vertical panorama of colors, is a gem of the Amalfi Coast. Therefore, in Positano, there are many different options and ways to propose to your beloved. But why not make it beyond special and amaze your fiancé with a luxury boat tour Positano?

Luxury boat tour Positano


Luxury boat tour Positano: make your marriage proposal in style in Positano. And let a Positano Photographer capture the best moments of that day.

When a photographer can make the difference

We guess it is the first time you propose to someone. Or, even if it is not your first marriage proposal, probably it is the first time you propose on a boat! Make your proposal in style!

Some Tips for a perfect boat trip in Amalfi Coast

  • plan carefully if you are going to have a day or evening proposal
  • don’t forget to ask to the crew members all the things you need to make this occasion more special: candles, flowers, champagne, special lights etc.
  • decide the tour and the exact place and moment, where the skipper has to stop, for letting you pop the big: “Will you marry me”
  • Luxury boat tour Positano: candid photos to remember that day
  • marriage proposal is a unique moment and you deserve to remember it forever. What if you could have the opportunity to relive that day so many times, as you want, in the future?

This is possible by hiring a Positano Photographerwho will discreetly capture with candid photos the best moments of your luxury boat tour Positano. Your Photographer will be more than happy to help you organize and customize this experience.

What we mentioned above is the key to a successful same-sex marriage in Italy.

The album with your romantic photos of the proposal on the boat can be a great pre-marriage gift for your fiancé. And your family and friends will be delighted as well to see the photos of your luxury boat tour Positano.

It’s a great way to share with them your emotions and your joy for such an important event.