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I’m basically a wedding photographer, but when I travel I always love train myself with street photography.

When I went to US for my weddings in New York, I had such a good time visiting the city all over and also meeting new friends who often suggested me to discover the city from a different poin of view.

After discovered the mainstream places in NY I decided to walk the streets from Astoria, in Queens, and Brooklin too, as well as the less populated streets of Manhattan.

My street photography style is a bit unconventional and far from the most common rules. I don’t always use a 35 mm on a full frame body. I can use a 24-70  mm or a 85 mm  or a 50 mm it depends on how I wake up in the morning and how want to see things and people around me.

I tent to study the light and find a nice composition while I walk so yes I stare somewhere and waiting for that much less than a perfect moment to grab the street photography shot.

What I commonly look for is a meaningful facial expression under a beautiful light and under a nice composition that helps me to remember what I felt during my trip.

From this side my pictures are a bit snapshotty although they look professional.

I also tent to capture athmosphere. Sometimes they are in my mind and I consciosly search for something clsoe to the I feel, close to the mood of the music I listen on my earphones while I walk around.

Do I talk with people after I surprise them and show the pictures? Yes of course. I’m very politically correct and I always ask permission to publish them. Most of the time I find new friends in this way and they always last thanks to the social network.

Street photography is therapeutical and it’s also an alternative way to discover the beauty of place. I always talk with people during my wandering and it’s definitely a good way to start new friendship as well.

New York offers lots of places where to start a conversation with people who will likely suggest you where to go to achieve some nice shots. I personally was in love with Brooklin and Astoria.

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