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symbolic wedding italy
symbolic wedding italy
symbolic wedding italy

Symbolic wedding Italy: a meaningful ceremony for the couple, for the families and for all other guests. Find out how to organize yours in Italy!

Symbolic wedding Italy

Are you dreaming about a Wedding in Italy? Maybe you spent the holidays in Italy and you fell in love with our beautiful towns, our deep blue sea and amazing beaches.

Because you want your Wedding to be memorable and you are looking for romance and elegance, the perfect place for you to tie the knot, is the Amalfi Coast.

Probably you fear to marry in Italy, because of bureaucracy, different laws and similar. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream to marry in La dolce Vita country!

The solution for you is the symbolic wedding Italy.

Symbolic wedding Italy: a personal touch

There are many reasons actually, why to choose a symbolic wedding Italy

It’s not only about legal requirements and bureaucracy. It’s a lot also about personal touch and romance. In fact, many people find the ceremonies boring and all homogeneous.

With a symbolic wedding Italy, you can finally exaggerate with your imagination and create a customized wedding experience, true and authentic.

Moreover, you can choose the location you prefer: many couples want to get married outdoors for example and with the symbolic wedding this dream finally comes true! In addition, on the Amalfi Coast, you have a wide choice of exclusive villas and you can even decide to organize your symbolic ceremony in the courtyard of a castle.

Symbolic wedding Italy



Symbolic wedding Amalfi: tips for true romance

If Amalfi is your happy place, then it’s definitely the ideal choice for your symbolic ceremony. Amalfi atmosphere is magic and the landscapes are breathtaking: romance is everywhere!

But if you want to add even more love, passion and romanticism to your symbolic wedding Amalfi, here some tips. In order to add extra meaning to your ceremony, you can choose lovely symbolic elements, such: the handfasting or the unity candle! In a handfasting ceremony, the hands of bride and groom are bound using ribbons of many different colors.

The unity candle is the ceremony, where the single candles represent the bride and the groom as individuals. During the ceremony, usually after the vows, the bride and groom use the two candles to light a third large candle together. Imagine all of these romantic elements, while you are marrying with the stunning vista of Amalfi village!

If you fancy instead a symbolic wedding Ravello don’t hesitate to ask information about the opportunities offered by this town. You will definitely find the best venue for you on the Amalfi Coast. And you will finally celebrate your symbolic wedding Italy, which will be a true romantic experience.