Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast

Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast - emiliano russo

Our suggestions for a great photoshoot with your Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast: how to bring your personality in front of the camera

Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast - emiliano russo
Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast - emiliano russo

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Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast: look your best

Photoshoots are incredibly fun and we are sure you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have your Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast.

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Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast - emiliano russo
Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast - emiliano russo
Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast - emiliano russo

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Many people contact us to ask how to look at their best and how to prepare for a photoshoot. Here our suggestions, based on our wide experience with photoshoots.

Your Photographer is a Professional ready to listen to your needs and to fulfill your expectations.

A shooting with a Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast: your personal style

Thanks to photography and to a Personal Photographer Amalfi, you can have great pictures of your holidays and amazing memories of your trip to Italy.

Therefore, it is crucial to curating your personal style. Clothing and hair dress plays a very significant role when it comes to photoshoots.

No matters if the pictures are meant to be just for fun or for family portraits or other purposes. Here are some tips that your Personal Photographer Amalfi Coast is happy to share with you:

Wedding proposal Amalfi

A romantic engagement Amalfi choose dresses that let you feel comfortable: if you feel insecure or if something annoys you, this feeling will be captured by the camera, ruining the whole photoshoot.

  • consider a proper outfit, depending if your photoshoot will be outdoor or indoor

do not wear too neutral dresses: play with accessories, such scarf, hat, etc., and do not forget a touch of color!

There is not a style, that is suitable for everybody. For some people, professional photoshoots are a great opportunity to wear something fun and unusual.

Other people want just to look natural as they are in the everyday life. The most important thing is to bring your personality in front of the camera, to relax and to have fun. 

Unique intimate weddings in Italy

An intimate and private wedding in Positano. Find out how to make your elopement in Italy unforgettable with wonderful photos and unique details on breathtaking views.

An intimate wedding with a vintage car in Praiano. If well organized you can plan the ceremony in Positano and take pictures along the coast and driving a vintage car.

Our goal is to redesign the atmosphere of your wedding and give you a unique emotional record of a perfect day.

For you who love luxury and elegance, refinement, amazingness on such an important day, there is a dream to live with no delay.

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