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Professional editor services for wedding photographers

We are a skilled team of wedding photographers and professional photo editors.  Our specific experience is the key to understanding and managing all the wedding photography main issues.  Sitting at your desk all day long and continuously chased by clients might affect your life, so finding a time-saver is crucial.

Photo retouching

Working with our photo retouchers team will let you gain plenty of time to spend behind the lens, more time in improving your shooting techniques, less time on the computer.

Do deadlines sacrifice your quality standards sometimes? Our wedding photo retouching services are the solution.

Wedding photo editing

Our efforts will make your images perfect like your expectations! What our photo editing services include:


Overwhelmed at the thought of combing through all of the 5,000 images you shoot at a wedding? You can pay only five cents per image submitted, regardless of the number of images you would like us to keep and we will do the work for you.


We will analyze your personal style and then a photo editor will manage your Lightroom workflow from basic services to advanced tools in any additional work needed, such are straightening lines, cropping, and many others.


Our professional photo retouchers are able to handle everything from minor touch-ups to more extensive Photoshop work, including high-frequency retouching, redness removal, stray hair removal, teeth whitening, liquefying, and much more.


If you’re looking for more than a basic photo retouch like head swaps, new backgrounds, complex object removal, and more, with this service you can have all of it. Do you want to receive a personalized offer? Well, please get in touch with us.


Our digital artist team is ready to use every brush, every tool of Photoshop to make your idea concrete. Let’s open up a world of creative possibilities: from dreamlike scenes to quirky portraits with photo manipulation.


Our design philosophy is rooted in simplicity. Our goal is to highlight your unique story-telling focused on your photos and meaningful moments.  We work with you to ensure the final design is exactly as you would, with attention given to every detail.


We will analyze your personal style and then a personal photo editor will follow you during workflow on lightroom from basic service to the advanced tools for any additional work needed, such as straightening and cropping and many others.

Our professional photo retouchers are able to handle everything from minor touch-ups to more extensive Photoshop work, including high-frequency retouching, redness removal, stray hair removal, teeth whitening, liquifying, swapping heads, extending backdrops, and much more.


There are many reasons why outsourcing your photo editing workflow is a great idea to enhance your business:

  • TIME – You will lose less time at computer and have more time to enjoy your family and friends. Further, you can plan your business growth and work on your style and creativity.
  • CONSISTENCY – Any client would fall in love with your portfolio after admiring your consistency. This means you should have a clear vision of your aesthetic. We will help you with guidelines and funnels in order to make your style consistent.
  • EXPERIENCE – As a team of professional photographers and retouchers we can manage light conditions, color toning, advance tools and we are technically skilled and experienced to create a final file perfectly on line with your expectations.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – Our versatility is the key to style your images in the way you want to. You will give us some information about your taste, your workflow, the way you want your images make appear and we will create your personal funnel to reach a high level of consistency.


This is how we work

HI – Out team will schedule a call with you by skype or WhatsApp. We’ll talk about the whole process of photo editing in order to make it simple and efficient.

TESTING – You will upload 10-20 RAW images and eventually presets. Then you will upload 10-20 jpg images from the internet you would your images look like. Our professional photo editors will create samples based on your files and you will choose your preferred ones. Then you will be ready to place the order.

PLACE YOUR ORDER – You will send us a Lightroom catalog with smart previews. In approximately 5-10 business days the turnaround will be delivered by your photo retoucher. Disclose our packages now.

YOUR STYLE – We will analyze your portfolio and ask you several questions on how you’d like your photos to look in order to make your style as consistent as possible.


Your photography deserves more appeal.

We care about your business and we know how to step up your photography style to the next level. With our wedding photo editing team, you can leave the comfort zone of boring mainstream presets and find your own creative way.

As wedding photographers and photo retouchers, we master color correction and color toning.

Bringing your RAW images to new life and creating wedding galleries that your clients will fall in love with are fully part of our mission. We will be your creative style developers keeping your personal visual voice.

Our wedding photo retouching services have been developed to save your time, enhance the style of pictures, and impress your clients.

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