Weddings in Sorrento

Planning weddings in Sorrento is slightly different to the Amalfi Coast ones.

The Coast of Sorrento is unique and gorgeous as well as Positano but it’s diffrent and so also the houses, the buildings, the Hotels.

Moving around Sorrento is easier compared to Amalfi or Positano, even Ravello. For an Amalfi Coast photographer going to Sorrento can also mean taking a break with the rush and full of traffic summer time of Amalfi and surroundings. Yes, get it. In Sorrento there is less traffic, cause streets are not so narrow like in Amalfi and it’s possible moving around with more optimistic confidence to don’t get in late.

Weddings in Sorrento can take place in classic charming Hotel overlooking the Napoli seascape and the stunning sunset that is reddish and you can never find in Amalfi in summer time due to the territory morphology and how the sun turns around (actually the Earth).

There are many places where to shoot in Sorrento after the ceremony and before the cocktail with your guests. For example the Marinella or in the spectacular Villa Fondi. The Marina can be also taken in consideration when it’s not full of visitors.

The hilly part of Sorrento is becoming trendy for intimate and small weddings. There are charming villas in greeny and lush athomsphere that can match your aesthetic in many ways.

In order to organize a big day with your  Sorrento wedding photographer you might need of a wedding planner help or not…It depends on how much time can you spend in searching and merging all the vendors. We have prepared a small guide for your wedding in Sorrento. Fee free to get in contact with us

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