Weddings in Cilento Coast

There are many reason why a weddings in Cilento Coast can be a great experience and also different from the glamorous Amalfi Coast.

Territory of Cilento is “wild”. Indeed nature is dominant everywhere and colours are even more deep and intense at the sunset. Beaches are sandy and gold and it’s possible to combine many different experiences while you will have a wedding in Cilento Coast.

The most important venues in Cilento Coast are the followings:

  • Tenuta Porta di Ferro: with an elegant rustic athomsphere. One of the most popular in the 10’s, very trendy and with high standard quality of food and service.
  • Palazzo Belmonte: Amazing palace, like a castle, overlooking the sea. It’s perfect for classic and elegant weddings.
  • Tenuta Punta Licosa: Same huge property of palazzo Belmonte, but immersed in nature and just on the beach. Same service and high quality standard food of Tenuta Porta di ferro in all the weddings in Cilento Coast.

Weddings are growning fast in this area, with a growning percentage of tourists every year. It is like val d’Orcia for Tuscany compared to Chianti. The most common is Amalfi Coast and the less known is Cilento Coast.

Logistically any wedding in Cilento Coast can be easy to plan, as there are no narrow streets there and risk to get stuck in the traffic is minor. Yet there places nor very easy to reach, like in the wonderful Palinuro or Sapri.

We have realized a guide also for Cilento Coast. Feel free to ask for more information

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