Wedding in Atrani

Here you can have an understanding of why a wedding in Atrani can be more intense then a wedding in Amalfi in terms of beautiful pictures.

Yet, you can have a wedding in Amalfi and in the same day can take the pictures in Atrani, in case you do not like the only Hotel of the Town.

Atrani is a very small town in Amalfi Coast, one of the smallest in Italy and also one of the most famous. It’s just 10 mins walk by Amalfi and people from overseas often identify iconic Amalfi Coast wedding pictures that has been actually taken in Atrani as part of the town of Amalfi. But it’s not.

Atrani has its owm identity and people who live inside it are very conscious to be part of another town, different by Amalfi.

What you can get by a wedding in Atrani with an Amalfi wedding photographer:

  • The stunning pictures on the Maddalena Church stairs are mostly without the umbelievably crowd of tourist that you can find on the main Cathedral in Amalfi. And the view is definitely uncomparable and awesome.
  • Going from the Maddalena church you can discover narrow streets with a magical light that is so unique and you will never find in Amalfi.
  • After getting lost in the streets of Atrani you will reach the main square where there are other amazing white spot to achieve awesome shots.
  • And finally you can go at the marina where you will have another incredible view and the colours at the sunset can be pinky from August in certain light conditions.

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